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Facebook Advertising Edmonton

Facebook Advertising

Want more community involvement? We run ads to get you more likes and website visits!

If your Edmonton business isn't advertising on Facebook, you're missing out on your share of nearly 1.5 billion people who click on 22 billion ads each year. Can you afford not to cash in on the mind-blowing success of Facebook ads?

Think about this for a second: the entire world population is estimated at 7.4 billion, which means 20% of all people are active users on Facebook. Facebook advertising is so successful because of its ability to target your audience, which means your mar¬keting dollars go toward those potential customers you need to reach.

Did you know
72% of people use Facebook daily for an average of 20 minutes?
How Facebook Ads Benefit Your Business

How Facebook Ads Benefit Your Business

  • Gain likes and followers to help grow brand awareness and strengthen your online presence
  • our followers become brand ambassadors, helping to extend your reach
  • Facebook ads are affordable and you have control over how much you spend
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Why WSI for Facebook Advertising?

As great as the opportunities are that Facebook ads offer, your business has to make a big impact on your targeted audience in order to reach your goals. That's where we come in! We'll put our expertise to work for you so that every penny of you put into your Facebook ad campaign counts. When we get started, we'll develop a budget with you that's designed to meet your business goals and fit into your marketing budget.

Your account manager will review it with you monthly to determine if it needs to be adjusted up or down according to what our in-depth analysis of your Facebook page and campaign says. From there, we get to work and depending on how much you want to invest into Facebook advertising, we can do a lot for you and your business!

Contact us today and let's talk about how our marketing team can help you gain your share of traffic from Facebook ads.

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