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Blogging & Social Media

Trying to find a way to add content to your site? Google loves fresh content.. we can help you get it!

Google’s algorithms prefer websites that are updated regularly. This is because search engines view a frequently updated website as more likely to have fresh and relevant content. The bulk of your web content is unlikely to undergo drastic changes – with that in mind, a blog gives your website the opportunity to stay fresh by continuously publish new content!

At WSI Edmonton, we offer a top-notch blogging service that focuses around competitive keywords to increase your businesses’ web visibility. Our process includes sitting down with you to create a content schedule surrounding your industry's milestones, events, and peaks. From start to finish, we will work with you to make sure that we capture your business' voice and promote your brand the way you want.

Did you know
businesses that blog get up to 67% more leads & 55% more traffic?

After sitting down with you and learning the ins-and-outs of your business, our trained content specialists will create blog topics that not only promote your goods or services, but help your website climb the SEO ladder and rank higher organically. After your blogs have been posted, sharing them across social media will allow your existing audience to like and share your posts and increase your exposure and web presence.

How Blogging & Social Help your SEO

How Blogging & Social Help your SEO

  • Backlinks
  • Fresh Content
  • New Pages in an Easy-To-Navigate Format
  • Builds Authority & Brand Awareness
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Why Combine Blogging with Social?

When a search engine calculates the relevance and authority of a website's page content, it uses social media signals. This means that for your business to rank well, you need a large social media presence. Facebook and Twitter are two excellent ways to network with your industry and with customers. By using social media marketing, you can communicate with new and returning customers.

Google’s social media platform, or Google +, is paramount to the success of any web-based business. As a result, WSI utilizes it to boost your business and social media strategy. By having a verified account on Google +, your ability to rank in Google searches and on Google Maps will improve – showing search engines that you are local is a huge deal.

As digital marketing pros, we can help you navigate the sometimes-challenging ways and trends of the social media world. From Facebook to Twitter, Google Plus to Linked In, Pinterest and YouTube, our team will work with you to harness the power of social media and use it to your business' advantage! We are social by nature, so why not make your business a social powerhouse?

Contact us today to chat about how our marketing team can help you gain traffic from our Blogging & Social program.

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