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  • (780) 758-5800
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Email Marketing Edmonton

EMAIL Marketing

Want to get in touch with your customer-base? Send info & promos right to your customers’ inboxes!

“Email marketing is just a thing of the past.” Wrong.

Truth be told, even in the day and age of social media, email is still the most effective way to grow your business and customer base. It lets you build up your credibility with your potential customers and loyal customers because people do business with people they know and like. No to mention email marketing strengthen your relationships with customers, since you can keep people engaged with your business during your busy season and slower times of the year.

We use an email marketing platform that will

  • increase your business’ brand awareness
  • bring you more customers
  • build relationships with your existing customers
  • allow you to offer exclusive promotions
  • is Canadian Anti-Spam Law compliant

Our email marketing services will help you reach your audience and provide them with the content and updates they crave. Whether you want to set up a monthly newsletter or send out emails about promotions, we can implement an email marketing strategy that will strengthen your SEO and grow your business.


According to the Direct Marketing Association,
for every $1 spent on email marketing the average return is $44.

Sound too good to be true? It’s not!

We offer different email marketing packages to suit you and your marketing goals. Our email marketing platform stores your contacts in easy to manage lists to allow you to create email campaigns geared towards specific customers.

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