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Quick Wins with Social Media Advertising

Posted by - Lynne Motkoski

Advertising on social media is a hyper-direct way to reach the audience you want. It’s a terrific online marketing strategy that helps businesses build brand awareness quickly in ways other internet marketing techniques do not.

Social Media Myths that Can Hurt Your Business

Posted by - Lynne Motkoski

Talk to any internet marketing agency and they’ll tell you that, over the past decade, social media’s role in digital marketing has grown by leaps and bounds. Here are 15 social media myths that, if believed, could hamper your internet marketing strategy.

What Experts Predict for SEO in 2023

Posted by - Lynne Motkoski

Working with an experienced internet marketing company like Smart WSI Marketing helps businesses stay current on SEO trends so their digital marketing efforts produce the results they’re looking for.

Google’s MUM Update: An SEO Revolution

Posted by - Lynne Motkoski

Google’s daily algorithm changes aim to refine search results, minimize spam, and boost site credibility. Google’s MUM update builds on existing SEO tactics that make it easier for people to interact with a website, such as page load time and visual stability.