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Posted: 12 Apr '16

Mobile Movement: Online Advertising in a Mobile World

Mobile Movement: Online Advertising in a Mobile World

Take a moment and think of what you would do if you had to find the best quality, most talked about product in Edmonton. Would you drive from store to store? Would you boot up your desktop computer and start searching? Oh wait, you'll likely start calling your friends and asking them, right? We're pretty sure you answered no to all of these questions and already found that impressive product by using your handy-dandy mobile device. Would it surprise you to know that nearly 80% of your Edmonton customers are taking advantage of successful online marketing that caters to mobile users?

Missing Out on the Mobile Movement?

We've hit you with quite a few questions right off the bat, but we had to grab your attention! We're in the business of delivering successful online marketing strategies for Edmonton and surrounding area businesses and we would be doing you a disservice if we didn't fill you in on the reasons why you need for a mobile-friendly experience for your customers. Mobile users have officially overtaken desktop users when it comes to the Internet so if you're not delivering a great experience, you're missing out on the possibilities and rewards of the mobile movement.

From Nuts and Bolts to Micro-Moments

For your business to be successful, you need a strong online presence with all the nuts and bolts of a digital marketing strategy. To increase your mobile presence and capture your share of people who want instant access to the information they're seeking, the good people of Google have coined a phrase called "micro-moments". The concept of micro-moments is that your business has to appear before your mobile audience quickly and deliver powerful information in mere seconds, across all of the following scenarios:

  • Search results for your product or service (think SEO)
  • Interacting with your app (consider app development)
  • Visits to your site (think responsive design)
  • YouTube video views (think of production)

We know it sounds overwhelming but hang in there, we'll give you some great tips on how to get this done.

Stand Out & Attract Customers

We told you earlier that 80% of Canadian mobile users complete searches on their smartphones or other mobile devices. Out of those, one in five Google searches are location specific. This is where the real work begins to get your business its share of smartphone users. Here are some of the great tips to get your business capitalizing on the mobile movement:

  • If your website is not already built with responsive design, fix that right away. Your website needs to look its best both on desktop and mobile!
  • Add specific location information throughout your content, keeping in mind it has to seem like it occurs naturally and not just forced in. You want to show up for those location searches, don't you?
  • Include driving directions to your store or office, since not everyone is a natural navigator.
  • Make sure the most important information your audience needs can be delivered in mere seconds! People want the most important stuff now, not five minutes from now.
  • Anticipate the questions your customers would ask and provide the answers without making them read paragraphs to find it!
  • Make sure any and all ads take your potential customers to the right landing pages.

We realize that we gave you a lot of information and you most likely skipped through to the bullets if you were reading it on your mobile device. If you need your online marketing for your Edmonton business to succeed in the growing mobile movement, contact us instead of doing all that reading. We live, eat, sleep and breathe this stuff and can't wait to help you capture the mobile customers you may be missing out on.


Lynne Motkoski, Digital Marketing Consultant
Specialty: Digital Marketing Strategies
Education: BComm, MA Communications & Technology, University of Alberta

With over 10 years of digital marketing experience in the WSI global franchise, Lynne is known for her strategic approach to marketing communications, technologies, and lead generation. She leads digital transformation for Alberta based companies as they are adapting to the age of social distancing.