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Posted: 21 Jun '16

More Characters, More Opportunity: Taking Advantage of Google Text Ad Changes

More Characters, More Opportunity: Taking Advantage of Google Text Ad Changes

Google is making one of the biggest changes to AdWords since they first launched the product 15 years ago. Don't run and hide! This change isn't painful and it's actually really good news for your business. If you take advantage of the text ad changes, your online advertising will be even more effective for your local business.

Ads Designed for Mobile-First Marketing

Since mobile has become the method for more than half of all searches done online and you've been working on shifting to a mobile-first way of thinking when it comes to your digital marketing strategy, it only makes sense that Google would have to move their AdWords in that direction as well. This revamp will provide you more opportunity to grab customers' attention and encourage them to click through.

At the moment, you have to cram a lot of tantalizing information about your business into one headline of 25 characters, a display URL of 25 characters and two strong description lines of only 35 characters each. If you can't grab the attention of the mobile user and get them to click through to get more, they'll move on to the next ad. With the new format, you'll have two headline fields of 35 characters each and a description line of 80 characters so that you can catch and keep potential customers' attention.

The Change Provides Better Online Advertising Opportunities

More characters mean more opportunity to describe your business and offers better and provide more information. Since mobile users transition from online to the physical world very quickly, the added space can be used to emphasize the fact that your business is in Edmonton, capturing more geo-specific searchers.

One of the most difficult tasks when creating effective text ads is to condense your amazing offer to fit the current ad format in a way that still appeals to your potential customers. After all, reducing your business and its awesome attributes to 95 characters is painful. The new format will display better on mobile devices and deliver enough information to entice your audience better than ever.

Plan Ahead for Success

Google has done some early testing with advertisers to see just how effective their new AdWords text ad format will be when it launches later this year. Clickthrough rates improved by as much as 20%! To maximize your benefit from the changes, it's a good idea to start reviewing your current campaigns and planning how you can better highlight your products or services and place your business ahead of your competition.

This is one Google change we can really get behind. Will your online advertising in Edmonton be ready when the new AdWords format rolls out later this year? We can help you redesign your text ads or create new campaigns so you can take advantage of this opportunity right out of the gate! Contact us today and we’ll be happy to talk to you!


**The digital landscape is everchanging. Contact us to discuss current industry standards.

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