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Posted: 15 Apr

Quick Website Design and Development Service Changes That Make A Big Difference To Your Bounce Rate

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The bounce rate is a special marketing metric that reflects the percentage of people who visit your Edmonton website, whether by typing in its exact URL address or clicking on a redirected advertisement, but quickly leave after only visiting the landing page. Having a high bounce rate is generally bad as it indicates you aren't attracting the right audience and that your website isn't doing a good job of keeping those who might be the right audience onsite where they can learn more and become customers.

The good news is that there are some quick website design and development services changes that you can make to reduce that bounce rate and increase the transition of visitors to customers:

3 Quick Website Design and Development Services & Changes to Implement 

  • Cut down on the sidebar widgets and advertisements.

  • While it can be enticing to put it extra review widgets and award emblems on the edges of your website, it is very rarely a good idea. Most people like streamlined, simple website design, especially when they're shopping around for a new good or service. Too many extra sidebar items are distracting, can slow down a page's loading time, and make it harder for visitors to see what you're offering -- all of which make it more likely for visitors to bounce.

  • Reconsider your audience and optimize.

  • There are very, very few companies who appeal to all buyers. In most cases, products and services are most relevant to a niche market group and a successful business is one who knows how to appeal to their niche through their website design and development. If you're having high visitor numbers but also high bounce rates, then you're likely doing well with general marketing but could better improve your conversion rates by tailoring the content on your website to better appeal to your niche market. This can be done by making a list of the most relevant keywords pertaining to your brand and niche market and using them more frequently on your website, blog, and connected social media. This also boasts the side benefit of having your Edmonton website rank better in relevant search engine results.

  • Check and doublecheck for mobile optimization.

  • Some analytics have as many as 70% of all web traffic occurring on a mobile device, and yet so much website design and development still isn't optimized for mobile browsing. Rather, they have a very unfriendly mobile appearance that causes many visitors to give up. Mobile optimization is particularly important for Edmonton businesses in the tourism, travel, and service sectors where on-the-go customers rely more on mobile devices than PCs for pertinent information.

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