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Posted: 15 Aug

Should Your Business Be Using Google AdWords PPC Advertising?

Online marketing is filled with limitless potential. How do you do it? There are several tools available, from social media outreach to e-mail marketing. If you’re like 77 percent of the world’s search engine users, you probably asked “Google.” The key to succeeding on Google is by ensuring that your websites rise to the top of Google’s search results.

Google AdWords is Google’s online marketing program which allows you to link your website (or, more specifically, webpages in your website) to specific words or phrases. The AdWords program operates on a pay-per-click (PPC) system, so you only pay when a user clicks to visit your website.

8 Benefits of Using Google AdWords PPC

  1. 1. Google has massive reach. It reaches 77 percent of all online search results. It processes a staggering two trillion search inquiries a day. Google has become a verb and is the first stop for most people who want to answer a question
  2. 2. AdWords is flexible. You can choose generic search terms (i.e., “law firm”) or terms that are specific to a particular market (i.e., “law firm for Real Estate"). The generic terms reach more people but are expensive and may not have a good return-on-investment while a more targeted term is cheaper and targets an audience that is more interested in your services
  3. 3. Intent: people searching on Google are looking for products or services; so your goal isn’t to trick them into buying your product – its to help them find the product they need
  4. 4. Google AdWords PPC also enables you to retain control over your campaigns; you can quickly initiate, modify, and end campaigns.
  5. 5. You can also keep control of your budget; you know the price-per-click. So, you can ramp up spending on some words and reduce it on under-performing words instantaneously
  6. 6. Analytics: Google AdWords incorporates continually updated dashboards which describe everything you need to know about your campaign from opens, click-throughs, impressions, keywords, budget, and more.
  7. 7. You can also reinforce your brand. Google AdWords PPC allows you to define how your business is perceived on the Internet. As your customers search your business, they will begin to associate your business with your AdWords.
  8. 8. Higher Conversions: Google AdWords PPC connects your business with leads directly to your webpages that are responsive to their inquiry leading to higher conversions

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