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Posted: 15 May '19

Website Design and Development Services Customers Want to See

In today's increasingly digitalized world, no business can really expect to thrive without a solid online presence. Having a customer-oriented website with the right website design and development should be at the heart of that presence.

But what does "customer-oriented" mean? It means having a website design that enhances the visitor's experience and ensures they have an easy time navigating your website to find the information they need to transition from visitor to paying customer.

Get started with the following key website design elements for your Edmonton business:

3 Website Design and Development Services Sure to Please Your Visitors

  • Quality and accurate photography

In many situations, pictures truly are worth 1,000 words and more. If you provide an Edmonton-based service or product, then showing that off on your website with clean and high-quality shots within the city will help establish you as more reliable and give your audience a better sense of trust in your brand. For example, if you are a part of Alberta's growing bee industry, then including pictures of your products with bees, honey, and hives as part of your website will entice visitors to stay on your website and learn more.

  • Customer testimonials and links to third-party review sites

People like to hear what their peers say about products and services and use that feedback to make their own choices. However, businesses shouldn't be content just to sit back and wait for word-of-mouth to work itself out. As part of your website design and development, you should include both a spot on the website for the best of your customer testimonials and provide links to places like Google Maps, Google Reviews and Yelp. This allows visitors to go and read for themselves what others have to say. Providing links to these testimonials helps build trust and encourages customer loyalty. Don't be shy about asking existing customers for testimonials to help build this sector of your website.

  • Professional website design with a consistent color scheme and theme

Your business' website may be the first way a potential customer sees and interacts with your brand. Ensure they have a great first impression by employing professional website design and development for a great-looking site that's easy on the eyes and easy on the fingers to navigate. A good design can often mean the difference between a person bouncing the moment they land on the page and staying on, learning more, and making the purchase.

Are you ready to get started with improving your online presence in Edmonton and incorporating the above website design elements? Contact our team today to get started!


**The digital landscape is everchanging. Contact us to discuss current industry standards.

Lynne Motkoski, CEO, Principal & Digital Marketing Strategist
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Specialty: Digital Marketing Strategies
Education: MACT and B.Comm from University of Alberta
Certifications: Google, HubSpot, Hootsuite
Lynne is a baby boomer passionate about digital marketing and helping local businesses succeed online. Effective digital marketing strategies are not one-size fits all. Lynne works with decision makers and creates effective solutions to generate measurable and transparent results and positive returns on your marketing investment (ROI).