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Posted: 15 Apr '18

What Sets Inbound Marketing Techniques Apart from Outbound Marketing Techniques

What Sets Inbound Marketing Techniques Apart from Outbound Marketing Techniques

Businesses are always trying to attract new clients, and many must choose between using inbound or outbound marketing techniques. Inbound marketing focuses on a less aggressive approach that develops a personal relationship with each client. Outbound marketing demands attention, whether it is through telemarketing, commercials, email campaigns, or direct mail. However, outbound marketing is less personalized and can be more intrusive than an inbound marketing approach. Here are just a few of the reasons why inbound marketing is more effective in reaching new leads.

Focuses On a Specific Audience

One of the main benefits of inbound marketing is that it increases sales by targeting a specific audience. Developing a buyer persona will enable you to create content that will gain their attention and eventually lead them to purchase your product or services with the help of personalized blog and social posts, and webpages. On the other hand, outbound marketing uses a generic message that tries to reach the masses and is much less effective in creating a sales lead.

Less Expensive

Saving money is a top priority for every company, and inbound marketing is much more affordable than the outbound marketing approach. For example, purchasing a 30-second television advertisement costs a lot more than focusing on creating an SEO friendly website. Continually buying radio or television ads can quickly drive up expenses and make it much more difficult to make a profit. According to recent studies, it is estimated that an outbound marketing campaign costs 62% more per each lead than an inbound approach, and the vast majority of companies cannot afford these additional expenses.

Personal Approach

Another advantage of inbound marketing is that it is highly personable and focuses on building a relationship with each customer. For example, you can advertise the services of your company through social media and interact with potential leads, daily. You can also build a website that focuses on providing high-quality content that will educate potential buyers on the many benefits of using your company's products. Instead of forcing yourself on a client with an intrusive advertisement, it is much more effective to create a website that will be near the top of the search results by using SEO tactics.

The use of inbound marketing techniques can set your company apart from others and give your business a significant advantage over other companies that focus on outbound marketing. WSI Edmonton is a digital marketing company with over 20 years of experience that specializes in helping companies attain more leads and conversions. If you wish to learn more about inbound marketing, contact us, and we can discuss in further detail the many advantages of this marketing strategy in today's business world.


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