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Posted: 11 Mar

Why Your E-Commerce Site Should Have a Blog

e-commerce blog

The purpose of your website is to sell product, so you don’t need a blog right? Wrong. Incorporating a blog into your e-commerce website can give you a competitive advantage in the market as well as drive traffic to your website. Any time someone searches for something that is not a specific product the top results that will show up on Google are widely blog posts. You can use this to your advantage and here’s how:

Inform Your Customers

Blog posts don’t just intrigue your readers, they also answer questions. If a potential customer has a question about a product (whether it be functionality or quality) a blog post showcasing the product can answer their questions and turn them from potential buyer to repeat customer. Rather than scouring the internet for answers to their questions and potentially finding elsewhere to purchase they can read about the product and directly link to your e-commerce page in order to make their purchase.

Showcase Your Product

Blogs are also a great way to introduce new product into your e-commerce site. Whether it’s a small brand that nobody knows about or a large brand that you want people to know you carry, a blog showcasing these products will help drive traffic to your website and in turn potentially increase purchases.

Not only does this showcase the product on your website but it also allows users to be drawn to the other parts of your website as well. In the social media age, we live in. Every share counts making it important to have engaging content to drive traffic to your site.

Rise in SEO Rankings

When it comes to driving customers to your website, a blog can maximize your search engine optimization (SEO) which will allow more visitors to be directed to your e-commerce site. Along with SEO, using internal links within the blog allows users to be redirected to your product pages to purchase the products discussed in the blog post. Today users on social media are more likely to open an informational post about a product rather than a simple “buy now” product page.

This also allows readers to be engaged in the content and have discussions with your business building that two-way connection.

If you feel that a blog will benefit your e-commerce website contact us today to get started and see those purchases rise!


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