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Posted: 17 Nov '15

4 Things You Need to Include in Your 2016 Marketing Budget

This is an extremely busy time of year for most Edmonton businesses and as we draw closer to the end of another year, you are no doubt planning your marketing budget for 2016. If there is one thing you can count on in today's marketing practices, it is that things are ever-evolving and to reach your business goals, you must be prepared for change. To help you maximize your reach through social media marketing and paid advertising campaigns, the following are four areas your marketing budget MUST cover.

A Responsive Website

4 Things You Need to Include in Your 2016 Marketing Budget

If you still do not have a mobile-friendly website, you are losing business. That is a fact. Recent statistics from Google show that more than 50% of all web traffic is happening on mobile phones and tablets. Those are missed opportunities for you if your website is not built to show properly on all devices.

Also, as of April 2015 Google is favouring mobile-friendly websites in Search Engine Rankings, so it is also a step in the right direction for SEO efforts.

Social Media Posting & Ads

Social media has proven return on investment (ROI) and more businesses than ever are using these platforms to make their brands known through social posting and paid ads. Competition for organic search results through social media marketing will be tougher. Content that appeals to your audience, helps them solve problems and encourages sharing are going to remain key to building loyalty for your brand.

Developing relationships with your audience through communication and top-notch customer service will also factor into your success more than ever before.

Search Engine Optimization

Posting on Facebook and Google+ (and whichever other social media you may have) is not enough to get your business onto the first page of Google. You need an SEO program to crawl up the ranks in Google toward the first page. This does take time, but through our ASEO packages, we can track your progress.

These packages are designed to optimize your website for a rack of specific keywords. We then do blogging services, tag web pages, images & videos, add keywords, submit your business to dozens of directories each month & much more. Your Edmonton business will see results over time as we gradually bring you up the ranks in Search Engine Results Pages.

Pay-Per-Click Campaigns

With organic reach becoming more difficult, targeting your best customers through PPC ads will increase in importance. Keyword research and creative ads will be critical. 

While some of the components remain the same as in 2015, the intensity of your marketing efforts will have to increase significantly, as well as tightening up your target market.

The team at WSI Edmonton are excited about the opportunities social media marketing, Web Design, SEM (PPC) & SEO will present to businesses in 2016. Maximize your marketing budget and contact us today to develop your strategy for success.


Lynne Motkoski, Digital Marketing Consultant
Specialty: Digital Marketing Strategies
Education: BComm, MA Communications & Technology, University of Alberta

With over 10 years of digital marketing experience in the WSI global franchise, Lynne is known for her strategic approach to marketing communications, technologies, and lead generation. She leads digital transformation for Alberta based companies as they are adapting to the age of social distancing.