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Posted: 14 Oct '15

Are You on Google+ Yet?

Are You on Google+ Yet?

There are a number of reasons why people and businesses aren’t getting onto this social platform, but the main one has got to be redundancy. Facebook has been around for just over 10 years, and just about everyone is on or has had a Facebook account.

And since its inception, dozens, if not hundreds of social media and networking apps and sites have hit the scene. People try them out, vet them, judge them, and tell their friends whether they think something is worth their time.

Two years after Facebook came Twitter, which wasn’t exactly a social network. Sure, Twitter offers interaction and sharing, but it was (and still is) so limited in characters and photo sharing that it was clearly not in competition with Facebook. It filled a need that people had for a greater audience, for immediate, global information sharing, and a way to find and discover things on the internet.

Google’s Struggle to Find its Niche

Despite being the Internet giant that it is, Google struggled to put out a social network that could people wanted to use. You’ve probably never even heard of Google’s first three attempts to create a social network: Google Buzz, Google Friend Connect, and Orkut.

Google realized that it needed to find a niche, which meant they should really keep doing what they’re doing: Connecting people! They started with connecting searchers with answers, products, and information. Next they helped people connect even more by coming out with a cool, hip email service that is now almost tied for most popular email service with Hotmail.

Now Google is helping people connect with businesses, friends, ideas, and communities all from one platform. You can leave reviews on Google+ pages, which have become one of the most trusted type of review on the internet. As a marketer, I know that those reviews can truly affect a business because a lot of the time they are written by real, regular people who have had genuine experiences and weren’t coerced into giving a review.

Can you relate? Do you trust Google reviews? Have you ever based your decision to patronize a business on them? That right there could be reason enough for you to get your business on Google+: you can manage your reviews and therefore your reputation with very little expense or effort.

Create Your Brand’s Identity with Google+

Another reason why Google+ is essential for a business is it can be a big part of how you develop your brand online. You can become an industry leader, a trusted advisor, a friend, or a customer service expert by creating a professional, up-to-date page with high-quality photos and well written descriptions.

With Google+ you control the information people can access about your business while at the same time, you seem to have transparency and trustworthiness.

And here’s something you probably didn’t realize: Because Google is a completely integrated network, buzz on your Google+ page will increase your visibility on Google Search. That’s right. Activity on your G+ relates to a direct increase in search engine optimization.

So if you aren’t already, you should seriously consider getting a Google+ page for your business.

Want more about Google+? Here are a few more advantages of the platform.

Is Anybody Even on There?

Yes. There are 300 million active users per month. (Leading Social Networks Ranked by Number of Users 2015) Also consider that everyone who has a gmail account automatically has a G+ account and all they need to do to start using it is to set it up.

Go For It!

We Simplify the Internet for you. We can help you get your business onto Google+, Twitter, and Facebook and we can manage your accounts once they’re up. Send us a message or give us a call at 1-800-758-3559

We Simplify the Internet for you. We can help you get your business onto Google+, Twitter, and Facebook and we can manage your accounts once they’re up. Send us a message or give us a call at 1-800-758-3559


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