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Posted: 31 Jul '17

How Building and Improving Internal Links Can Help Your Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization Company

Many website owners overlook the importance of internal linking in improving user experience, promoting landing pages for products and services, and boosting search engine rankings. Before hiring a search engine optimization company, consider the following ways in which building and improving your internal links can help you achieve your SEO goals.

A Search Engine Optimization Company Can Boost Your Search Engine Ranking for Specific Keywords

If you want a page to rank highly for a certain keyword or phrase, and you have content containing these words, you can use anchor text to direct readers to that page. This tells Google that the content being linked to is relevant to people searching for the phrase or keyword.

Help Readers Find Content

Search engine optimization companies can post internal links to promote older content, special events, and new services. By linking to important pages in blog posts and articles drives regular traffic to those pages and signal to Google that they should be indexed.

Make it Easy for Google to Index Your Content

Building and improving internal links, as well as updating your categories and meta tags, helps Google index pages faster and more efficiently. Without proper internal linking, websites with large amounts of content can confuse Google, which will, in turn, affect your ranking.

From improved usability to higher rankings in SERPs, the benefits of internal linking are many. Contact WSI Edmonton to meet with our search engine optimization company about optimizing your internal links and improving your overall SEO performance.


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