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Posted: 31 May '18

How to Choose the Best Social Media Property for Your SEO Strategy

How to Choose the Best Social Media Property for Your SEO Strategy

Using social media alongside your SEO strategy will greatly improve your reach and traffic. Instead of using traditional marketing strategies, social media offers an effective and inexpensive way to build brand awareness, while also interacting with existing customers. Here are a few things to consider before you create a social media marketing campaign for your business.

Who is the Target Audience?

The first step in creating a successful social media marketing campaign with your SEO strategy is to understand the intended audience. Facebook is an excellent property to target adults between the ages of 25-60+, whereas, Twitter is a great way to reach young people between the age of 18-30. Of course, the age range isn't the only factor, as you can also focus on other statistics that include location, gender, average income, hobbies, and many other different statistics.

What Type of Content Do You Plan to Share?

Another critical item to consider is the type of content that you plan to share with potential contacts. Each social media property has various strengths and weakness for different types of businesses. A strategy for Edmonton restaurants is to share photos of daily food specials on Instagram or Snapchat. However, a financial company may have more success advertising its services on LinkedIn, which is primarily a more professional audience. Using the proper social media is an important part of SEO, as it will help you generate organic traffic.

What is Your Ultimate Goal?

It is essential to understand the primary goal of your SEO strategy, so that you know which property will be best suited for your application. Are you trying to reach a broader range of customers, or are you primarily focusing on building upon existing relationships? Facebook is a great way to engage with clients and is the most popular form of social media. However, Twitter is a popular medium for the latest trends and is an excellent way for a business to advertise their products or share links to stories related to your industry.

Taking the extra time to research the best social media properties for your Edmonton business can have a substantial impact on growth, and help your company reach new levels of success with your SEO. Typically, focusing on two or three properties will enable your company to have an effective presence on social media without getting overextended. If you are interested in learning more about the best social media properties to use with your SEO strategy, contact us for all your digital marketing needs.


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