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Posted: 21 Jun '17

Why You Need a Responsive Website Designer to Make Your Edmonton Business' Website Mobile-Ready

Responsive Website Designer Edmonton

With mobile device usage exploding in recent years, one of the most important features you can add to your website is a responsive, or "mobile-ready," design. A responsive website design adapts your site's layout to the size of mobile device screen being used to view the site. A smaller screen may display your site's content in a single column, for example, while users with wide screen displays will see multiple columns of content. So why is using a responsive website design critical to your business success in the mobile world? Here are a couple key reasons:

1. Improved Search Engine Rankings

The holy grail for most website owners is to appear on the first page of search engine results. Using a responsive web design ensures that your site will appear in Google's new "Mobile Friendly" search results. In fact, as of April 21st, 2015, Google has even begun rewarding responsive websites and effectively penalizing sites that don't provide multi-device optimization. The bottom line? If you want your website to be seen by mobile users, it's crucial that you switch to a mobile-friendly design.

2. Scalability

By using a responsive website design, you'll be in a better position to take advantage of the opportunity to support future devices. Responsive web designers Edmonton ensure your site is fluid, scaling up or down depending on the screen size being used to access the content. As new devices appear on the market, you'll already be prepared to support those devices and offer a better mobile experience to your audience.

Whether you own a static website, a blog, or an online shop, you can — and should — take advantage of the benefits offered by a mobile-ready design. WSI’s responsive website designers can build your Edmonton area business a website that looks and works great, no matter what device it's displayed on. Call WSI Edmonton today to get started.


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Lynne Motkoski, CEO, Principal & Digital Marketing Strategist
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Lynne is a baby boomer passionate about digital marketing and helping local businesses succeed online. Effective digital marketing strategies are not one-size fits all. Lynne works with decision makers and creates effective solutions to generate measurable and transparent results and positive returns on your marketing investment (ROI).