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Why Your Website May Be Turning Warm Leads into Cold Leads

Why Your Website May Be Turning Warm Leads into Cold Leads

The first thing a prospective client will do when told about your business is to check out your website. What they see has a direct impact on whether a warm lead turns into business for you or leaves you waiting for a call that is never going to come. Whether it’s a poor landing page, lack of content, or low-quality design, a bad website is the quickest way to turn a warm lead into a cold one.

Your website shouldn’t leave people with the feeling of doubt to do business with you. A properly built website instills confidence in your prospects that you are the one for the job and they won’t find anyone better.

You may be wondering how to achieve this dominating web presence to keep your phone ringing off the hook.

What's Going Wrong?

Before you look to see what to do right, you need to identify what you’re doing wrong. Users value many things when it comes to website crawling, one of the most important is speed, shoppers expect your website to be loaded in 2 seconds max with a fair share reporting that they would not return to a website if loading speeds were slow. Along with speed, in today’s digital world not having a mobile friendly site puts you at a severe disadvantage to your competitors as most online users are accessing the web from their mobile devices. Not to mention that Google gives search ranking preference to those sites that are mobile friendly.

If your site contains any of these issues don’t worry just yet, we have some key tips to make your site the best it’s ever been and eliminate those dreaded cold leads.

What Can You Do?

Hire a Professional

First off, a professionally designed website will not only eliminate issues with user experience, but it will also give your visitors a feeling of professionalism and quality from your business. Websites that are cluttered and hard to navigate are huge turnoffs for prospective leads, a professionally designed website will ensure that your site is easy to navigate for people to find exactly what they are looking for.

Keep It Current

Current content is key when it comes to generating leads, someone coming to your site for business and only finding information from years ago isn’t going to have confidence in your company to fulfill their current needs. Along with current content, users appreciate seeing third party reviews from websites such as Google, Facebook, and the Better Business Bureau from displayed on your website. This allows your prospects to gauge previous customer satisfaction as well as shows your clients that you have a history of satisfied customers.

Finally, putting a clear call to action with your phone number as well as a contact form will give prospects an easy way to get in touch with you.

If you feel that your website is causing you to turn warm leads into cold ones, we can help! Contact us today!