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Customer Review Management
Improve Your Online Reputation

When is the last time you bought a product without reading reviews first? Well, it is the same when hiring a business to provide products or services. People value the opinion of others when deciding whether or not to work with your company.

What We Offer

customer review services
Build brand authority with customer review services


Starting at $295 + GST

Review services are increasingly important in establishing your business as an authority in your space. Maintaining a positive rating through getting and responding to reviews takes time and focus that you as a business owner may not have the time for. Entrusting Smart WSI Marketing to handle your review management has many benefits including:

  • Getting more reviews
  • Improving your overall rating
  • Responding to all reviews whether positive or negative

With all the benefits that review services provide for both reputation management and SEO, it is very important to include this as part of your overall internet marketing strategy.

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Nurture customers with customer reviews

Nurture Your Customers

Let your customers know that they matter! Reviews are a great way to follow up after a purchase. Responding to positive reviews lets your customers know that they are valued, and not just a number. Taking the time to constructively respond to negative reviews gives you an opportunity to make things right.

Get user generated content for marketing with customer reviews

User Generated Content

Customer reviews are naturally keyword rich! This user generated content is incredibly valuable for SEO and establishing your business as an authority in your space. Through reviews, your customers are essentially marketing for you by being an advocate for your brand and the services you provide.

Improve local SEO with customer reviews

Improve Local SEO

Leverage Google My Business to improve local SEO. Google My Business is hooked into your Google Reviews as well as Google Maps to help your local customers find you, both online and in person. This has become an important social property that should be a key player in marketing your local company online.


Gone are the days where a testimonial page on your website was enough to gain trust of prospective customers. Testimonials lack the credibility that third-party review services offer because users cannot distinguish genuine reviews from planted ones.

Future customers don’t care about what you have to say about your business. They care about what your current customers are saying.

  • A staggering 86% of consumers read reviews on Google, Facebook, Yelp, and other third-party review sites before choosing a local business.
  • 78% of those consumers will come straight to your business or website after reading your reviews!
  • A BrightLocal survey found that 97% of searchers who read reviews also looked at the business response, so replying to review is a crucial part of an online review strategy.


Customer reviews are proving to be more and more valuable as time passes for reputation management as well as SEO. Google now considers customer reviews a key factor for search engine rankings, as they are rich in the keywords you want to rank for. Having your customers write reviews for your business essentially has them marketing for you! Our Edmonton digital marketing agency can help you grow and manage reviews.


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