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Geofencing Display Advertising
Increase Brand Awareness for a Targeted Audience

Geofence Display advertising pinpoints the right audience for your business with the most advanced location-based targeting technology and reaches them on their mobile devices, wherever they go.

What We Offer

Geofencing target location pins
Target local consumers and increase brand awareness with geofencing.


Starting at $765 + GST

Consumers are targeted based on their GPS location. There are over 300, 000 apps where your ads can be served excluding major social media apps who have their own ad systems.

The benefits of geofencing with Smart WSI Marketing are that it:

  • increases awareness for your brand in your local marketplace
  • allows you to target competitor locations
  • allows you to track visits to your website and store location
  • shows ads in apps already installed on consumers’ phones
  • shows your ads to consumers for 30 days after entering fence

Our Edmonton-based digital marketing agency creates custom visual ads and a highly targeted fencing strategy to show your ads to people who are likely to be interested in the products and services your company provides.

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Customized Image Ads for Geofencing

Custom Image Ads

Your ads are tailored to showcase your brand with custom images and on-brand colours, voice, and tone.

Track Store Visits with Geofencing

Track Visits to Your Location

Visits to your website and store resulting from your geofencing ads are trackable to show the ads are working.

Monthly Geofencing ad reports

Monthly Reporting

We continuously monitor your ad campaigns to review, edit, and refine ads as necessary to ensure top performance.

Pinpoint Your Audience Based on Competitor Locations & More

Smartphone users spend over 30 hours per month using apps! Use this to your advantage by targeting geographical locations (such as your competitors) so that when members of your ideal audience enter those locations, their devices are added to your advertising pool, and they will see your ads on apps they already have installed on their phones. Ads delivered to people who enter your set geofences are shown for up to 30 days, even after they have left the fence.

While the main purpose of geofencing is brand awareness, it is possible to track website clicks and store visits, making these ads an incredibly valuable asset to help you achieve your business goals.


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