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Paid Search Marketing
Get Marketing Qualified Leads

Paid search advertising can position your company at the top of the search results almost immediately and allow you to instantly connect with customers looking for your products or services. With paid search marketing, you can reach your target customers based on time of day, location, and device.  

  • Only Pay When They Click

    Paid search is also known as Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising. Even though your ad may be displayed in thousands of searches and your company is gaining brand exposure, you only pay when your ad is clicked, and the user actually visits your page. It is important to write ad copy that highlights your profit centers and entices users to click. Paid ads are the first things that viewers see when searching – especially on mobile devices.

What We Offer

Google AdWords PPC
The single fastest way to generate leads & grow sales from the Internet.

Pay-Per-Click Advertising

Starting at $925 + GST / month

Paid search (PPC) advertising helps systemize your marketing efforts and fill in gaps where other marketing efforts are not effective. Google AdWords (PPC) campaigns are a quick, consistent way to get leads for your local business. Our PPC campaign setup and management includes:

  • Meticulous keyword planning
  • Professionally written ad copy
  • Custom adjustable budgets
  • Dedicated campaign manager
  • No time-based contract

The full lead generation potential of paid search campaigns are immeasurable. They may result in increased direct website traffic, brand awareness, and in-person visits to your brick-and-mortar – all of which are not trackable events from the ad campaign itself.

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Proactive Optimization

Your dedicated campaign manager monitors your campaigns regularly to identify and resolve potential performance issues in order to get you the most leads for your marketing dollars.

Recorded Calls

The calls you receive through ads campaigns are tracked and recorded. We listen to these calls to verify campaign performance. You can also listen to them for quality assurance and staff training.

Monthly Reporting

We provide monthly PPC reporting to show important metrics such as top keywords, impressions, clicks, calls, emails, cost-per-click, cost-per-lead and industry benchmarks.

If you are frustrated by lack of sales leads from the internet, your journey forward begins with reviewing data and insights from your current website.

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