Get more leads with a Google AdWords campaign

You have heard of Google AdWords campaigns. These campaigns are the Google-only version of pay-per-click (PPC) ads. A PPC ad is a text ad shown in search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing. Paid ads appear above and below organic search results. They are the first things that viewers see when searching – especially on mobile devices.

Google AdWords campaigns generate leads such as phone calls, emails, and form submissions. Your ads are shown in search engines when keywords related to your local business and the products or services you offer are searched. As of 2016, up to four PPC ads appear above the organic results, and up to three ads show below the organic results.

  • Get Measurable Lead Generation Results

    The full lead generation potential of your paid ads is immeasurable. They may result in increased direct website traffic and in-person visits to your brick-and-mortar. Store visits are not trackable through conventional Google AdWords campaign analytics.

    You can track the results. You get immediate and absolute results and can use it to track your ROI. Google AdWords campaigns are a quick, consistent way to get leads for your local business.

  • Let WSI Edmonton Handle Your Google Adwords Campaign

    Unleash the power of digital marketing with PPC advertising campaigns that yield results.

    • We work with you to determine a keyword list relevant to your local business including your products, services, and profit centers.

    • We help you to choose a budget that will be both effective and affordable.

    • Our Google AdWords certified campaign manager writes ads and creates ad groups that adhere to online publishers’ rules and encourage users to click through to your website.

    • We monitor your campaigns and provide monthly reporting in order to provide the maximum leads and return on investment for your marketing dollars.

    PPC ads help systemize your marketing efforts and fill in gaps where other marketing efforts are not effective. Call us to find out how a Google AdWords campaign will fit into your digital marketing strategy.

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