Grow Your Brand with Google Display Advertising

Google display advertising appears as picture ads. Display ads increase brand awareness through industry related imagery, logos and short messages. Even if users do not click on the ad, they are left with a memory of your local business. This may increase online and offline sales however their primary purpose is brand awareness.

  • Browser-Only Google Display Ads

    Once a user visits your website, they are cookied and will start seeing your ads for the next 30 days while searching online, visiting websites, and watching YouTube videos. This is designed to keep your brand top-of-mind with people who are likely interested in your products or services since they have previously visited your website. Browser-based ads have the added benefit of tracking how many viewers clicked through to your website.

  • Mobile-App Google Display Ads

    GeoFence Display uses the most advanced location-based targeting technology to reach prospective customers on the apps and browsers  they have installed on their mobile devices, wherever they go. Geofencing ads are like mobile billboards that follow your customers for 30 days based on competitor, behavioural, or geographical locations. Although Geofencing is for brand awareness, it is possible to track conversions to your website as well as your brick and mortar.

  • Choosing Google Display Advertising for Your Local Business

    Browser-based display ads and mobile-app-based display ads target different audiences and personas. They can work very well together or separately. Contact WSI to learn how you can implement Google Display advertising into your digital marketing strategy to increase your brand awareness.

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