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eCommerce Trends Shaped by Covid-19 that are Here to Stay

eCommerce treds that are here to stay

COVID-19 accelerated the shift to eCommerce around the globe. People now shop online more frequently, depending on the internet for goods and services, not just entertainment, news, and health information. This new reality means thousands of Canadian businesses are racing to invest in eCommerce website design to meet changing customer needs. If you’re one of them, Smart WSI Marketing is the Edmonton website design company to contact for all your eCommerce web design needs.

COVID-19 Shaped eCommerce Trends

If you sell products online, you probably already know how important it is to invest in web design that makes it easy for customers to view your products and place orders. The pandemic, though, has disrupted eCommerce, shifting consumer demands in ways no one might have imagined. Here are just a few of the COVID-19 inspired changes experts believe will remain in place long after the pandemic has subsided.

Nearly Every Business Will Sell Online

If they aren’t already, just about every business will find a way to sell online. While some industries were hit harder than others, it appears the only brands that thrived were those already using direct-to-consumer (DTC) channels. As the country went into lockdown, businesses that previously had no online shopping options scrambled to meet customer demands.

  • Gyms raced to adopt pay-to-play Zoom workouts.
  • Restaurants offered takeaway or uncooked meals people could prepare at home.
  • Retailers offered curbside pickup and one-day delivery.
  • And everything from zoos to theatres and non-profits set up live streams where they could continue to request donations to keep their operations viable.

Post-COVID-19, look for businesses to have learned from their mistake of not getting online sooner. eCommerce website design that offers a seamless customer experience will be a top priority for every size and type of business.

Consumers Will Likely Still Want Low-Touch Options

After a year of doing so much of their shopping online, most consumers now see eCommerce’s benefits. No long lines or traffic, no coupon clipping, and being able to shop from the comfort of their couch have made many an avid in-person shopper an online fan.

Content Marketing Will Rise in Importance

It’s always been key to successful digital strategies, but brands upping their online content game has grown even more crucial during the pandemic. Businesses that improved their storytelling techniques, posted helpful blog content, and provided customers with more than a “we’re here for you in uncertain times” message made their customers feel more valued. Continuing this approach post-COVID will reap great benefits.

Shopify’s Dominance Will Expand

In May 2020, Shopify, the platform that hosts over half a million eCommerce stores, became Canada’s largest public company. As the company forms more strategic partnerships, it will gain greater market share against Amazon. With 75% of consumers reporting they’ve gone outside their shopping comfort zone; reimagined eCommerce web design can help these businesses benefit from new brand discovery.

Do You Sell Products Online? Now’s the Time for a New Website Design

As online shopping behaviors change, so, too, should your web design. Smart WSI Marketing is an Edmonton website design company that can help you meet evolving consumer demands in a post-COVID world. To learn more about all the digital marketing services we offer, contact us today.

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