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Know Your Customer: Why Persona Development is Important for Achieving Success Online

Why Persona Development is Important for Achieving Success Online

All internet marketing success flows from a deep understanding of your target audience. While buyer personas may technically be fictional characters, they represent quite real people: your likely customers.

Developing buyer personas is about putting yourself in the shoes of your customers so you fully understand their pain points, wants, and needs. Smart WSI Marketing is an Edmonton internet marketing company that helps businesses gain a competitive advantage and increase sales through effective buyer persona building. Contact us to learn more.

What is a Buyer Persona? 

First, a short definition of what a buyer persona is: 

  • An accurate representation of your ideal customer. 
  • The result of combining data and market research about existing and prospective customers. 
  • A detailed portrayal that includes a customer’s goals, wishes, and dreams as well as their biographic and demographic information. 

A buyer persona is typically laid out in a narrative fashion and tells the story of what your customers think and do when they have a problem to be solved or a need to be met. As part of your overall marketing strategy, buyer personas are extremely useful to developing messaging, content, and offers. And while they are primarily an online marketing tool, they’re also useful across your entire business growth strategy.

How to Build and Use Detailed Buyer Personas 

The basic components of a good buyer persona are name, professional and personal background, demographics and environment, goals/needs/wants, pain points, past buying behavior, a photo, and a quote that sums up what most matters to them.

The best way to build a buyer persona is to:

  • Survey existing customers to learn what attracted them to your products and services and what keeps them coming back. 
  • Meet your customers where they live and work. To understand your customers, you need to see their “native habitat” and observe what they choose to surround themselves with. 
  • Conduct online research to learn where your customers live and work, their median age and income, and other identifying information. Population and demographic statistics are constantly changing, so it’s important to revise and/or update personas on a regular basis.   
  • Analyze data to distill it into a “real” person. There will likely be multiple personas to build, but even having one gives your digital marketing strategy an advantage. 

The #1 goal in persona development is getting the answer to “why?” It’s far more important to know why someone visited your website than it is to know how many times they stopped by.

Buyer Personas as a Ticket to Growth 

Working with a digital marketing agency to create customer personas accelerates your internet marketing strategy and helps your business take off. WSI Marketing is an Edmonton digital marketing agency committed to helping you understand your target customer on a deeper level while improving your reach, boosting conversions, and increasing loyalty. Contact our agency today to learn more about how we use our years of online expertise to create innovative approaches to marketing your business.

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