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Quick Internet Marketing Wins You Can Do Yourself

Quick Internet Marketing Wins You Can Do Yourself

Whether you’re new to digital marketing or are looking for ways to up your internet marketing game, it often helps to make quick changes that deliver fast results. Digital marketing firms call these actions “quick wins” because they let you see a positive return on your digital marketing investment as swiftly as possible. Smart WSI Marketing is an award-winning Edmonton-based internet marketing company that helps clients identify areas that can quickly improve your overall online marketing strategy. Contact us today.

High Impact, Low Stress Internet Marketing

Building a new website, rebranding efforts, and developing a social media strategy are all components of a successful online marketing plan. But as important as they are, successful digital marketing is much more than new technologies and big campaigns.

Quick wins are smaller, less time-consuming strategies that work together to achieve your marketing goals. Many of them are do-it-yourself projects; others you may want to accomplish with the help of a digital marketing agency. Here are some of our favourites you can get started on today.

Improve on-page SEO. You have more control over ranking well on search engines than you might think. If you want to get your website listed on page one of search engine result pages (SERPs), use the Search Analytics section of Google’s Search Console to see which keywords you can add to your site to help boost its ranking. Keywords should appear in URLs, image tags, meta data, and internal linking.

Gate popular content. Gating is simply putting things like a white paper, eBook, or PDF/infographic behind a “gate” that people can enter when they exchange their email address with you. On the flip side, you might want to “ungate” content, even for a short time, to encourage engagement.

Create quick and easy content. Much of the valuable content you create for your website takes time and resources. But there are some types of content such as checklists, guides, short eBooks, industry glossaries, and repurposed content that can get quick results.

Update your website’s content. It’s likely your website has duplicate content or content that’s no longer relevant. Some pages, for whatever reason, consistently don’t perform well. You can also try refreshing your site’s menu items so the most popular pages appear first. This improves the odds people stay on your site longer which, in turn, helps with SEO.

Reintroduce yourself to customers you haven’t heard from in a while by running an email campaign that directs them to content they might be interested in.

Quick Results with Quick Wins

Any of these tips can produce quick results and multiply your internet marketing results. If you’d like to learn about other small steps you can take right now to make a big online impact, Smart WSI Marketing is an Edmonton digital marketing agency that specializes in developing innovative online marketing strategies that help our clients increase traffic and convert more customers. Contact us today to learn more.

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