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Website Design Mistakes To Avoid

Website Design Mistakes to Avoid

Your website supports your marketing campaigns, builds customer relationships, and generates repeat business. Most consumers won’t even consider buying from a business without one. It’s easy to understand why a professionally designed, brand-differentiating website is crucial to increasing sales and your bottom line. Smart WSI Marketing is an Edmonton website design company that will help your take your business to the next level with top tier web design that gives your customers the experience they are looking for.

We’ve talked about how to make your website a joy for first time visitors and how important site speed is to conversions. Today we want to talk about how it’s possible to get so many things right with your web design yet still make small but significant mistakes that have an impact on what’s your most cost-effective marketing tool. Contact us to learn more.

Avoid These Common Website Design Mistakes 

Customized, highly functional, and responsive web design increases your chances of making sales and building brand loyalty. Make sure it’s both visually appealing and designed for maximum conversions by eliminating these common mistakes (which your competitors are making, too!)

  • An unresponsive website design. Responsive design is the most important feature for any website. Your site should look just as good and be just as easy to navigate whether your customers are viewing it on their laptop, mobile device, or smartphone.
  • Lost visitors due to 404 pages. Though many businesses now use creative 404 error pages—and they can help—many customers will leave your site when they encounter one, especially if it’s the page they land on after clicking a link or ad. 
  • Not following web design norms. Yes, you want a website that’s original and captivating, but certain items, such as search and navigation bars, website logos, and contact buttons should be place where most people expect to find them. 
  • Creating irrelevant or non-useful content. The best content spends less time touting your greatness and more time on your visitor’s desires, goals, and problems. People come to your site for a solution, not a sales pitch.
  • Bad graphics and images. Surf the web long enough and you’re bound to see the same generic stock photos used on multiple sites. Well-chosen stock photos add meaning to your content and make it easy for customers to understand it.  
  • Hiding information customers want. Returns, shipping, warranty, and privacy policies are all important to your customers. Make it easy for customers to find them and you’ll build trust and loyalty! 

One final problem, which has nothing to do with what your website look likes, is a slow server. Google recommends a server’s response time should be 200ms or less. 

A Better Website Design 

If you want to transform your company’s website into a go-to destination, you need a website design agency with experience in creating customer-centric sites that complement your unique digital marketing efforts. Smart WSI Marketing is an Edmonton website design company committed to building websites that look and perform exactly the way you want—and need—them to. We deliver extraordinary digital marketing and website designs that make a lasting first impression. Contact us today to learn more about all the ways we use our digital marketing expertise to create innovative approaches to marketing your business.

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