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The Most Common SEO Issues You Need to Fix Now

Common SEO Issues Explained by WSI Edmonton SEO Company

With content being the driving force behind inbound marketing strategies, we've been putting a lot of energy into helping you understand its importance for growing your business and improving SEO. Now that you've got a handle on that, there's a bit more work for you to do! All the effort you are putting into your great content won't improve your standings if you don't know the four most common on-page SEO issues and fix them right now!

Before we dive in, we want to remind you that we're here to help since not only are we an Edmonton SEO company, but we also eat, sleep and breathe this stuff, which means we know what it takes to be successful with SEO. The thing is, making sure your site is found among the trillions of websites out there takes a lot of work and we don't want you to miss a beat. The good news is once you understand the big issues and fix any that are on your website, it's just a matter of implementing these practices with new content you create and checking your site every so often.

1. Seeing Double is Big Trouble

Did you know that half of all websites contain duplicate content? That doesn't mean that you've just copied and pasted or posted pages twice. Google defines duplicate content as significant sections of content that are the same or very similar. The problem with this is that it confuses search engine algorithms and you won't have control over which page ranks higher. Since the algorithms are designed to provide better user experiences, they rank unique content higher. Always.

2. Broken Images Are a Huge No-No

If your images aren't showing up when your page loads, the search engines see them as broken and will lower your site rankings because it provides a bad user experience. Make sure all of your images load properly and that the alt tags for images provide text for the algorithms so they can be indexed. Basically what we're saying is you double your SEO efforts by including alt tags because your images also become searchable.

3. Don't Ignore Broken Links

Have you ever been on a page and clicked a link only to find the dreaded "Page Not Found" error? Well your potential customers hate that too and if it's even possible, they hate it more than you. If users see just one of those errors, it will cause a big drop in traffic. Having several will send the search engines skittering off to the next site with viable links and pass your site over.

4. Houston, We Have Title Tag Problems

As one of the most important SEO elements, title tags that are optimized can have a huge impact on your rankings. If tags are missing or duplicated, you're basically telling the search engines that you don't think that content is important and neither will they. Create unique titles for each page that are relevant to your content and watch your rankings improve!

See? Not so bad after all. Yes, it may be a lot of information and you might find your website has a lot of these issues, but that why we're here! As an Edmonton SEO company we want to provide you with every advantage to maximize your SEO efforts! If you feel a little overwhelmed or if you want us to boost your online presence, give us a shout and contact us today!

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