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What Is Flat Web Design and Why is Everyone Going Nuts for It?

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Not long ago, web designers were tasked with creating websites that were full of bold, three-dimensional, flashing, migraine-inducing graphics. Each site had to had to outdo the last and no one's eyes were safe. In case you haven't noticed, custom web design has changed, Edmonton! Now it's all about flat design and we're here to tell you why everyone is going nuts for it.

Flat Really is a Design

When you hear "flat" and "design" in the same sentence, you might think it sounds more like an oxymoron than a style for website. Custom web design has taken complex graphics, 3-dimensional icons, and images and flattened them so that they are one-dimensional. The major reason that everyone is flocking to change their web designs is that flat design is far more mobile-friendly, which is critical for businesses seeking to rank high in search engines and convert customers. Looking back, can you imagine some of those old in-your-face designs squished down to a four-inch screen? Neither can we!

Keeping it Simple

Customers don't want to work harder than necessary when they’re looking for information. For that reason, flat design has taken a minimalist approach with the appearance of icons, navigation bars, and banners. Rather than complex images, icons are simplified into easily-interpreted designs so people know what they're getting. For example, a small mail icon is easily interpreted as a tool to get into contact with the business and is used to enhanced the content on the page. If you scroll down WSI’s Edmonton’s custom web design home page, you'll see how we make use of icons and minimalist content. In addition, our navigation bars have undergone a makeover too and include simple, clear headings that you can easily click or tap to arrive at your destination in a website.

Less is More

While the main idea behind flat design is moving to simplified graphics, there’s a lot more involved and most of it centers around a minimalist approach. This type of custom web design also works with just a few contrasting colours that are bright and kick things up a notch. In a minimalist approach, colour schemes are designed to match the feel or style customers would already associate with your brand. You'll also notice that designers are making use of white space to make pages appear cleaner and less cluttered.

Minimalism doesn't Mean Boring

So far, the elements we've discussed contribute greatly to cleaning up your site and making it load faster. While it may seem that simplifying your website and arguably making it appear less exciting will cause potential customers to click away, this could not be further from the truth. Most potential customers already have a general idea what they’re searching for and don’t need the added allure of flashy web graphics. Flat design, when properly executed, ensures that your Edmonton business will retain more users through being attractive to the eye without overstimulating, providing a clutter-free environment, and displaying information in a concise, straightforward manner.

Let WSI help your Edmonton business utilize flat web design to make sure your site stands out with bold colours, clean lines, and easy-to-navigate elements. Contact us today to learn more about how our Edmonton custom web design specialists can create a unique plan tailored to your business!

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