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Posted: 15 Jun

How Google Adwords PPC Can Target Specific Potential Customers

Google Adwords PPC

In the world we are today, with an influx of products and information, marketing is becoming the most important tool a business can have. There are two forms of marketing which are digital marketing and print advertising. Digital marketing is quite complex as compared to print and one of the most important digital marketing strategies is the utilization of Google Adwords PPC in Edmonton.

What is Google Adwords PPC?

Pay-per-click (PPC) is internet-based advertising where advertisers pay a certain fee whenever one of their ads is clicked. Google Adwords PPC is the most popular PPC advertising system that enables you, as a business owner, create adverts that appear on Google’s search engine and any other google related properties. With any marketing, however, the campaign must target a specific audience. Google Adwords PPC campaigns use keywords, geotargets and demographics to reach your desired audience.

Keyword advertising

Keyword advertising is a search engine advertising strategy that requires keyword research. Determining a keyword that is most relevant to what your business offers is the most important step. After that, you can bid to place the advert in the search results for the selected keyword. For example, if your business is in the installation of HVAC systems, you can make sure that people searching for keywords like “air conditioning system” see your advert. Choosing the right keyword for your Google Adwords PPC campaign is key as almost every digital marketing revolves around keywords.


Google Adwords PPC enables you to target a specific geographical location like Edmonton. This strategy brings 3 sets of visitors to your website. These include:

  • Visitors by physical location- These are visitors who are searching using the keywords you have selected for your campaign and by virtue of their IP address.
  • By location of interest- These are the visitors who search specific information on a specific area even if they are not on the specified location.
  • By session-based matches- This is where if for example someone looked up on schools located in a specific area then later, on the same session looks up on restaurants without having to specify a location, results for a previous location search show up on the search engine.


Google Adwords PPC by demographics is targeting that enables advertisers to get to a specific audience based on their age, gender, marital and parental status, household income, home ownership, and education level. Google accesses this information through user google accounts, therefore, providing reliable leads to advertisers.

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