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Posted: 3 Jun '15

3 Ways to Catch Up to Your Competition After Inevitably Being Left Behind

Did you lose your edge? Take it back now!

Setbacks are commonplace in the business world. It's normal to expect your market share to fluctuate over time. Yet, it's unacceptable to watch your business fall down in the search engine rankings. Bolster your business back into the lead with these three techniques!

3 Ways to Catch Up to Your Competition After Inevitably Being Left Behind

Stay Truthful

Remember the saying "Don't drink your own Kool-Aid"?

It essentially means you can't get caught up in your successes. Pride in your business is a good thing, but not when it blinds you from upcoming challengers. It's not always smooth sailing in the business world. Sometimes things can come along and ruin a good thing, like a big-dollar competitor moving in next door.

It's okay to be positive, but focus that energy on the positive!

Analyze, Analyze, Analyze

It didn't just take more than a day to build Rome. It took a long time to create the design for the city, too. For inbound marketing, the city is your business and the drawings are your marketing approach. You put a lot of research into yours. Yet, your new competitors manage to zoom ahead of you, and part of that is because you're such a competitor.

It's always easy to analyze the top dog. But, sometimes your biggest competitor is yourself. Having information on both yourself and your competitors is the best of both worlds. You can manage this with Moz's new rendition of the old Link Opportunities Tool.

The new tool by Moz, the "Link Intersect Tool" gives you unbeatable insight on your competitors. With this tool, you can compare information to see where your competitor has an advantage. This might give you the chance to find quality link sources, which is plausible if you play around with the search parameters.

Enhance the Customer's Experience

Starbucks saw a business recovery after bettering the customer's experience. This began by closing operations and training the baristas better. Starbucks also made an effort to improve the company's website, and social media presence. The company went as far as closing 600 locations to reach it's success.

You depend on your customers more than your customers depend on you. Remain truthful, analyze a lot, and always focus on customer experience -- that's how you keep them coming back! Give us a call to start a plan to bridge the gap with your competition.


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