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Know Where Your Edmonton Website Ranks

Posted by - Lynne Motkoski

Do you know where your company’s website ranks? And do you know how and why it ranks as it does? Optimizing your website to boost its rankings is crucial to both your site’s success and improving your bottom line.

How NOT to Use Social Media Marketing for Local SEO

Posted by - Lynne Motkoski

There are a lot of benefits to tying social media and local SEO together. It helps build better customer relationships and improve customer loyalty while letting you target ads at the people who are most likely to do business with you.

Content Marketing Tips for Local SEO

Posted by - Lynne Motkoski

Publishing relevant, useful content for your readers is essential to improving your website’s local SEO results. Content like FAQs, manuals, blog posts, and articles all work together to increase rankings, traffic, and leads.

How Long Does It Really Takes to Improve Your Local SEO?

Posted by - Lynne Motkoski

We often talk about how local search engine optimization (SEO) can improve your website’s ranking on search engine results pages (SERPs). If you want to increase traffic to your site, local SEO helps you accomplish that and, most importantly, helps deliver more conversions and sales.