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Jumpstart SEO Before Site Launches

Posted by - Lynne Motkoski

If you really want to maximize your exposure and make the most of digital marketing for your Edmonton business, you need to jumpstart your SEO before your site launches.  

Are You on Google My Business Yet?

Posted by - Lynne Motkoski

Google accounts for 89% of the world’s mobile search traffic. With stats like this, local business who aren’t on Google My Business (GMB) are definitely missing out on the benefits that this fun feature has to offer.


Posted by - Lynne Motkoski

Remember when we thought April 21, 2015, was going to be doomsday? Ha! That was the date that Google released their major mobile algorithm update. 

Know Where Your Edmonton Website Ranks

Posted by - Lynne Motkoski

Do you know where your company’s website ranks? And do you know how and why it ranks as it does? Optimizing your website to boost its rankings is crucial to both your site’s success and improving your bottom line.