Data Driven Digital Marketing Strategies

Data Driven Digital Marketing Strategies

In the world of digital marketing, a data driven approach is defined and measured by how well your digital efforts create momentum and get things done. That means:

  • First, comparing your current position in the online marketplace in relation to your local direct competitors.
  • Then, developing and implementing digital strategies tailored to your business’s needs and optimized to maximize your return on investment.
  • Ongoing, analyzing your marketing results to capitalize on what is working and avoiding loss on efforts that are not effective for you.

Smart WSI Marketing is all about delivering results that achieve your marketing and business goals. From building websites to managing SEO and online advertising, we work with you to build a comprehensive digital marketing strategy designed to deliver results..

Smart Marketing Reports Deliver Real Value

Every moment of every day, your customers are using their digital devices to help them make better buying decisions. Unlike traditional marketing, which relies on familiar tactics designed to catch your audience’s attention, digital marketing techniques continue to evolve at an incredible pace.

To stay ahead of the curve in adopting and implementing innovative digital strategies, you need to partner with a creative digital marketer who understands today’s trends and knows that, just like all other business systems, digital marketing is a means to drive profits.

Why Results Driven Marketing

So, what does it mean to adopt a “results-driven marketing strategy?” Basically, it’s about taking a more nuanced and meaningful approach to measuring performance by focusing less on the cost-efficiency of a campaign and more on adjusting your budget to make funds available for maximum profitability. For the uninitiated, it can be an intimidating undertaking. A digital marketing agency with experience and expertise in a results-driven approach, however, can guide you in making marketing decisions that boost profitability while maintaining the effectiveness of your former marketing strategies.

At Smart WSI Marketing, we know that focusing on ROI can mean the difference between a good year and a great year for your bottom line. That’s why our digital marketing strategies, tactics, and techniques focus on getting you more qualified leads who convert into long-time, loyal customers.

Results Driven Digital Marketing

Our Data Driven Process Delivers Real Value

All successful digital campaigns start with client goals. Through consultation, research, monitoring, and adjustments, we develop digital marketing strategies that target your business’s needs.

Digital Marketing Agency Research


We do our homework when we take on your business! We meet with you to make sure we understand your business and offerings, as well as your business goals, culture, and challenges. Making sure we are on the same page ensures we can build you a marketing strategy that solves your challenges, and ultimately propels you to your business goals. We want to help you achieve your marketing goals and deliver you results.

Digital Marketing agency Results Monitoring

Results Monitoring

In the early stages of a new advertising campaign, you’re updated weekly with results, ensuring your PPC campaign budgets are being used in the best way. Even though all our digital campaigns use specialized tracking software, we still have a team member personally monitoring each step of your campaigns. Once a campaign is fully optimized, you will receive monthly reporting on campaigns performance.

Digital Marketing Agency Campaign Adjustments

Campaign Adjustments

We continuously monitor all digital marketing campaigns for performance. We use multiple metrics to measure results and make proactive adjustments to improve ROI. If something isn’t working, we let you know. We’re your digital marketing partner—if you’re not happy, we're not happy! Any freed-up budget from an underperforming campaign is reallocated to different marketing activities.

What is Digital Marketing Reporting?

Digital marketing reporting measures progress, shows value, and identifies actionable steps to improve marketing performance and meet your business goals. Put another way, it helps you understand the fruits of your labor!

Depending on your business, market reporting can consist of analytics reports, SEO and SEM reports, social media insights, and more. The exact tools used for your business depend on the digital marketing platforms your business uses. You can discover things like where your web traffic is coming from, how many website visitors convert, the type of device someone uses to view your website, and more. All this information comes in handy when creating your next campaigns or tweaking the ones you already have. The critical areas all digital marketing reports should address are:

  • Your website A well-designed website is the foundation of your digital marketing efforts. Marketing reporting lets you see how your audience interacts with your website, which pages they stay on the longest, and which ones are rarely visited. You can then optimize your site to ensure all pages are getting the best possible conversion rates.
  • Organic vs. non-organic traffic Organic traffic comes from your SEO efforts. Digital reporting lets you know if your efforts improve your ranking, and where your strategy needs reinforcement. Reporting also determines if your paid advertising strategies are working, if they’re driving the right traffic to your website, and whether they’re resulting in conversions.
  • Multiple channels Are you using each channel correctly? Online marketing once consisted of an attractive website with some solid SEO, and maybe some paid Google ads. Social media channels make marketing efforts more complex, as each platform attracts different demographics. Determine which channels your ideal users are into and focus on doing them well.
  • Messaging A broad online reach may be your goal, but it’s also important to reach the right people with the right type of messaging. Digital marketing reporting lets you know which ads, landing pages, and social media posts are working best with each targeted demographic. You can then adjust your campaigns accordingly.
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Intelligent Data Insights for Data Driven Marketing

A digital marketing agency prepares informative digital marketing reports regularly. Because, even if you’ve been achieving excellent results with your SEO, paid search, and other online strategies, the internet landscape is constantly changing. What works today can be outdated tomorrow. Regular reporting lets you pick up on online activity changes before they become a problem for your business and stay one step ahead of the competition. Smart WSI Marketing is an experienced digital marketing agency with the tools and expertise needed to track and measure how well your marketing efforts are performing. We help you make sense of what’s working and where you can make improvements that boost your bottom line. To learn more, contact us today.