Google display advertising pinpoints the right audience for your business with the most advanced targeting technology and reaches them on their devices, wherever they go.

Benefits of Google Display Advertising:

Geofencing Display Advertising
  • Increase brand awareness in your local marketplace
  • Variety of targeting options, including ability to target competitor locations
  • Show ads beyond phone apps, across the Google Display Network.
  • Remarket ads to consumers for up to 30 days
of online consumer are reached online through Google Display Advertising [Salesforce]
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Geofencing display advertsing

Google Display Ad Strategies

Ads are displayed across the web and within mobile apps. There are over 300,000 apps where your ads can be served excluding major social media apps who have their own ad systems.

Our Edmonton-based digital marketing agency creates custom visual ads show your ads to people who are likely to be interested in the products and services your company provides. There are several Google display advertising strategies that our team is well versed in.  Contact us today.

Keyword Contextual
Target consumers who recently viewed content containing keywords relevant to your business.
Reach users viewing online content containing keywords that you’ve designated as targets for your business.
Search Retargeting
Target users who have searched for keywords relevant to your brand in the last 30 days.
Users could search on any 3rd party website like a local news site, WebMD, or About.com, for example. If their search matches one of your keywords, that person will later be served one of your ads when they visit another website or app that serves ads.
Category Contextual
Target users who have recently visited websites or apps that are classified in categories relevant to your business.
Your ads will be served on websites and apps a consumer is viewing, based on their having consumed content recently that falls within your business’ criteria and category.
Target consumers based on their mobile device’s physical location whose boundaries you predefine.
Consumer enters your predefined area, with their location settings on, and are served your ad on their mobile browser or in ad-enabled apps.
Track visitors who’ve entered your geofence area, been served your ad, and walked into your physical location (or a location you deem as valuable).
Site Retargeting
Target consumers online who have recently visited your website.
Your website tags users when they visit your website with a unique identifier that stays with them as they browse ad-serving websites. The ad server recognizes the user visiting the site and serves your ads alongside the content they consume.
Sequential Retargeting
Build an audience of users who have been served an ad impression from an existing tactic.
Retarget that audience segment with a varied creative message.
Dynamic Inventory
Target online consumers with carousel ads of specific products that they recently viewed or searched on your website.
Consumers can be targeted by visiting a certain page on your website (a car dealer’s 2019 Toyota Prius page), or through searches within your online inventory or product feed list (a search for “Prius”).
The ad unit pulls the image (or images) into the carousel directly from the dealer’s current inventory feed based on what the user looked at or searched for.
geofence Custom Image Ads

Custom Image Ads

Your ads are tailored to showcase your brand with custom images and on-brand colours, voice, and tone.

Track Visits to Your Location

TRACK visits to website

Visits to your website resulting from your Google display ads are trackable to show the ads are working.

geofence monthly reporting

Monthly Reporting

We continuously monitor your ad campaigns to review, edit, and refine ads as necessary to ensure top performance.