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5 Web Design Trends that Look Good & Help Drive Leads

Web Design Trends that Look Good & Help Drive Leads

The world of website design is an exciting one. You not only get to create a beautiful representation of your business you also help people find solutions to their problems and position yourself as a leader in your industry.

Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, more Canadian businesses than ever have registered for new website domains. Some are starting new companies while others are pivoting to eCommerce. One thing they all have in common is the need for good, on-trend web design that attracts new customers. An experienced Edmonton website design company knows which web design trends add value to your business and can build you a site that works with you to achieve your goals. Contact us to learn more.

Here are five web design trends we believe are key to engaging visitors and driving conversions.

1) Keep it Simple

A minimalist approach to website design strives to give visitors all the information they need without overwhelming them with distracting images, texts, pop-ups, and videos. A limited colour palette and extensive use of white space is highly effective and helps improve the loading speed, a big plus for mobile devices.

2) Integrate Social Media

Social media integration is a proven way to drive leads and engagement by getting people to interact with your brand on Instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook. For instance, an Instagram gallery can feature customers wearing or using your product. You can also add a Twitter feed to your homepage and include sharing buttons on blog posts and product pages.

3) Personalised Experiences

Can a website really speak to one person? Yes, and with 80% of shoppers saying they’re more likely to buy from a brand offering personalised experiences, it’s a website design feature worth incorporating. AI and machine learning make it possible to cater to individual users. Think Amazon’s and Netflix’s content suggestions to get an idea of how it can be used for your site.

4) Minimal Navigation Menus

Mobile has forced web designers to trim back on large navigation menus and nested links. A more refined approach features fewer links in the top tier and more on-page navigation that takes people where they need to go.

5) Designing for SEO

Improving your site’s loading speed is one of the top ways to improve its ranking and conversions. Other factors that affect search ranking include things like layout, website structure, mobile optimization, and content placement.

On-Trend Website Design in Edmonton

Today’s consumers put their trust in brands who keep current with technology and web design trends. Smart WSI Marketing is an Edmonton website design company that uses the most innovative trends to design sites that look great and help drive leads. Contact us today to learn more about how we do it.

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