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Does Blogging Really Improve Local SEO?

Does Blogging Really Improve Local SEO?

We often talk about how blogging can increase your website’s authority. But what exactly does that mean, and is it really that crucial to improving local SEO? We’ll talk about what it means below but maximizing your local SEO efforts is a whole lot more than peppering your site with the right keywords. An experienced Edmonton SEO company like Smart WSI Marketing can help you use your website’s blog to its fullest potential by driving more traffic and converting more leads. Talk to us today to learn more.

Advantages of Blogging for Local SEO

Statistics tell us businesses that blog receive over 95% more links to their websites. Yet many local businesses, including your competitors, aren’t doing it. Consistent blogging as a search engine optimization tactic can be your SEO agency’s secret weapon for gaining a distinct advantage in your niche. Here’s how.

  • It confirms that your website is current.

    A site that’s not up to date can be viewed as lacking authority, as it may leave visitors wondering if the information there is no longer accurate. Blogging on a regular basis shows your audience you’re active, engaged, and invested in providing them with quality, relevant information they can use. You can also leverage hyperlocal content, including local events, customer success stories, and your ties to the community to bring in more traffic.
  • It keeps people on your site longer.

    When someone conducts a search, visits your site, and then almost immediately leaves, Google notices and can assume your web page isn’t as relevant as it thought. When a search sends someone to one of your blog posts, they’re more likely to spend time reading it.
  • It increases options for internal links.

    SEO often focuses on links. Blogging gives you far more opportunities to link to related topics on your website and creates a stronger connection to your target keywords. You’ll also rank better by using more long-tail keywords specific to your area.

One often overlooked search engine optimization technique is an off-page one. Ongoing blogging can get your business out in front of more viewers, which can lead to more social media engagement. That gives you an opportunity to engage and interact with a broader audience.

Edmonton SEO Services to Improve Visibility

There are many details involved in optimizing your website for local SEO. An SEO expert can show you how to use your blog to achieve business advantages you (and your competitors) are currently missing out on. Smart WSI Marketing is an Edmonton SEO company that’s helped many local Alberta businesses rank better, attract more local customers, and grow their bottom line. To find out how we can help you do the same, contact us today.

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