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Grow Your Home Improvement Company With Internet Marketing

Grow Your Home Improvement Company with Internet Marketing

Home improvement is a highly competitive industry that requires an innovative marketing strategy to get your business seen by the right people who need your services. Also called online marketing, internet marketing is the process of promoting your business over the internet using different tools designed to drive traffic, leads, and sales. Smart WSI Marketing is an Edmonton internet marketing company dedicated to helping you reach the right audiences and convert them to long term loyal customers. Call us today to get started on a marketing strategy to grow your home improvement business! 

The Advantages of Working with an Internet Marketing Company 

Filled with videos, news articles, eCommerce sites, social media platforms, and more, the internet can be an overwhelming and all-encompassing entity. Findings ways to differentiate your products and services online isn’t easy, but it is so very important. As Wikipedia’s Jimmy Wales said it best: “If it isn’t on Google, it doesn’t exist”. When you work with an agency that specializes in digital marketing, you’re able to leverage digital channels like search engines, social media, and your website to share details about your products and services with your ideal audience. 

How does internet marketing compare to traditional marketing like print, radio, and television ads? To start, multiple studies show that the cost of digital marketing is more than 60% less per lead than traditional methods. Because you can measure in real-time how well your ads and content are performing, it’s easy to tweak and change campaigns mid-stream. 

Help Your Customers Find You

Home improvement companies rely on a high level of trust, customer interaction, and referrals to attract new customers. Cultivating a unique, modern, and professional digital presence that adequately conveys these intangible traits is one of the most beneficial results that comes from working with an experienced internet marketing company.  

A digital marketing agency works with you to define, find, and market to your ideal target audience. Using criteria like demographics, interests, customer behaviors, and popular search terms, you’re able to broadcast your message to those people who are most likely to use your services. With tools and techniques like SEO, paid search ads, retargeting, social media ads, and reputation management, an internet marketing company makes sure customers find exactly what they’re looking for—you!  

Home Improvement Online Marketing Done Right 

The world of digital marketing is dynamic and ever-changing. An internet marketing company that stays up to date with new industry developments can be a valuable trusted partner in making sure your business is keeping up with the times as well. To a newbie, internet marketing can appear to be all gimmicks and tricks. But done right, it’s an effective long-term marketing strategy that can take your home improvement company to the next level. If you’re intrigued by how internet marketing can help you grow your business, Smart WSI Marketing is an Edmonton digital marketing agency specializing in developing digital marketing strategies that help you reach more of the right customers. Contact us to learn more.

Lynne team member
Lynne Motkoski, Digital Marketing Strategist
Specialty: Digital Marketing Strategies
Education: MA Communications & Technology, BComm [U Alberta]
Author: The Online Marketing Handbook for Busy Entrepreneurs (coming soon)

Lynne is known for her strategic approach to marketing communications, technologies, and lead generation. She has a passion for education, keeping up with current marketing trends and practices, and helping clients keep ahead of their competition.

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