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How An Ecommerce Ecosystem Can Help You Get More Online Sales

How an eCommerce Ecosystem Can Help You Get More Online Sales

Successful digital marketing relies on multiple tools: user friendly website design, on page SEO, eCommerce platforms, social media strategies, and more. For businesses that sell products online, mastering the world of eCommerce takes time and effort. With the right strategies and tools, though, you can create an appealing online presence that engages, converts, and keeps customers coming back. Smart WSI Marketing is an Edmonton website design company that can help your business capture an online audience and transform them into loyal customers. Contact us to learn more. 

What is an eCommerce Ecosystem? 

The term eCommerce simply means electronic commerce or selling products online. But what does it mean to sell online, and what tools are involved in doing it successfully? This is where an eCommerce ecosystem comes into play. Just like an environmental ecosystem is a community of living organisms that interact with each other, an eCommerce ecosystem is the complex network or interconnected processes that make up an eCommerce business.  

An eCommerce ecosystem can include an eCommerce website, CRM system, online marketing tools, marketplaces, payment gateways, and inventory, shipping, and accounting software. Not every business uses every tool, but you’ll typically use at least a few of them. 

How an eCommerce Ecosystem Drives More Sales 

Canada is home to nearly 38 million people. In 2019, approximately 28 million of them made an online purchase and spent almost $1.85 billion CAD doing so. With online sales growing faster than offline ones, it makes sense to jump into the eCommerce arena. Your business’ eCommerce web design plays a big role in helping to capture your share of the market. Here’s how to get it right. 

Mobile-ready website design. Technological advances are making it easier than ever for people to shop on their phones; around 2 billion people made a purchase in 2019 from a mobile device. It’s easy to see why all good eCommerce website design must ensure a site is mobile friendly. With experts predicting mobile commerce to grow nearly 70% by 2022, your web design must accommodate this switch to smaller screens with features like simpler navigation, faster loading times, and concise content. 

Manage and streamline shipping. The shipping options you choose have a huge impact on the customer experience. The most successful online merchants use a number of strategic shipping choices to set themselves apart from their competitors. The top four are designed to increase conversions and average order value while decreasing costs and improving operational efficiency: free in-store pickup, same-day delivery, free shipping, and flat-rate.  

Develop an online marketing strategy. Internet marketing uses different tools such as SEO, paid search ads, and reputation management to drive traffic, leads, and sales. Done right, it helps customers find you, builds trust, and improves your local presence. 

It All Starts with Good Web Design 

An experienced digital marketing agency that specializes in top-performing eCommerce website design can help you get the most out of your online efforts. Edmonton website design company Smart WSI Marketing builds eCommerce websites that help you and your products or services reach a wider audience. Get in touch with us today to learn more.

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