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Top 5 Marketing Tools To Complement Your Ecommerce Website Design

Top 5 Marketing Tools to Complement your eCommerce Website Design

A key strategy to growing your online business is choosing and using the proper marketing techniques and tools. From creating brand awareness to driving new sales, these tools can help you meet your marketing goals and give you that all-important edge over your competitors. If you sell products online, you need a website design that works seamlessly with your marketing efforts. Smart WSI Marketing is an Edmonton website design company that can help you choose the right eCommerce marketing tools for your business. Talk to us today to learn how.

1. Email Marketing for eCommerce

Email marketing is still the number one way to reach your customers with relevant, personalized messages at the right time. As part of your eCommerce strategy, you can use it to send transactional, promotional, and lifecycle messages that give you a way to retain the traffic your eCommerce web design was created to attract. As one of the best channels for maintaining and strengthening customer relationship, email:

  • Drives sales at a higher rate than search, direct, and social.
  • Promotes growth by using techniques like abandoned cart emails to increase conversion rates.
  • Isn’t subject to the whims of centralized platforms.

2. Social Advertising

When you sell products online, you’ve got to take advantage of every opportunity to reach your target audience. eCommerce social media marketing can be one of your most valuable channels for business growth. Whether your audience is on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, or a combination thereof, you can personalize content to build your brand and increase sales. Also, social platforms now allow customers to make purchases directly from their social media feeds, which makes sales so much easier for eCommerce brands.

3. The Role of SEO Tools in Website Design

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of enhancing your web design to increase its chance of ranking highly in search engines, particularly Google. Combining website design and SEO is challenging, as each has its own set of factors to consider. SEO does not help you create a “perfect” site, but it does help you create one that is better than the competition.

4. Paid Search Advertising

Paid search marketing is a low-cost, scalable form of web marketing designed to connect your online ads with people looking for what you provide. Done right, pay-per-click (PPC) ads have the potential to earn you far more in sales than the cost to place them. That’s because potential customers only see the ads when they’re searching precisely for the products or services you offer.

5. Google Analytics

Whether you’re updating an existing website or designing a new one, you can use Google Analytics to improve your web design. For instance, analytics can help you identify design flaws affecting your site’s ability to attract and convert visitors.

Marketing Tools That Scale with Your eCommerce Business

Sustainability and growth in eCommerce are enhanced when you invest in marketing tools that complement your web design. Smart WSI Marketing is an Edmonton website design company and digital marketing agency that can help you get the most out of your chosen marketing tools. Contact us today to learn more.

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