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4 Tips to Gain Online Credibility 

4 Tips to Gain Online Credibility

Originally posted on February 2, 2015; Updated on October 15, 2021

Potential consumers need a certain level of trust in your company and product before they will consider committing to it – so if you want to sell your products and services on the Internet, you need to actively gain the trust of the online community. This is online credibility. Here are four tips from Smart WSI Marketing, your Edmonton digital marketing agency, on how to do this. Call us today for a consultation.

1. Add Review Links to Your Website

Online reviews pack a big punch when it comes to your brand’s credibility. Reviews function similarly to word-of-mouth advertising, like a recommendation from a friend or family member. When you post positive testimonials and reviews on your website, or mention them on social media, potential customers are far more likely to give your product or service some serious consideration. In fact, 93% customers of read online reviews before buying something.  Make sure these testimonials are real, as authenticity counts!

2. Write Well-Researched Articles

One of the best ways to establish yourself as an expert in your field is to consistently publish useful online content. When you are giving out free information that is of practical use to the online community, you become a voice for the product or service you represent. Remember that this is not the place to use hard sell tactics – rather think of problems that potential customers may be experiencing and answer them. The fact that your product is associated with the solution you suggest should be subtle but present. Blogging is a fantastic method to do this. Every time you post a new blog article, you are adding a new page for Google to index, helping your content to rank better, showing Google that your content is fresh and relevant. Partnering with a digital marketing agency is a great way to make sure the content you are putting out is the most valuable to your customers, and in return, to your business.

3. Use Social Media to Share Information

Social media can function as a bridge between your products and your articles. You can share your content on multiple social media channels to increase your SEO signals and broaden your reach within your community. An important note with social media, however, is to not spread yourself too thin. Do your research and find out what channels your target audience are using and focus your efforts there. If your target audience uses primarily Facebook, you won’t be doing yourself much good spending a lot of time on Twitter, for example.

4. Top Quality After Sales Service  

When you continue to treat your consumers well after they have purchased your product or service, you are growing a loyal base that will keep returning to you. There is a host of digital marketing activities that can help nurture customer relationships after the purchase stage, such as asking for a review, email marketing and/or automated email drip campaigns to nurture both new and existing customers for repeat business. A digital marketing agency can help you decide which of these strategies will work best to accomplish your business goals and get the most out of your customer relationships.

Expertise, Authority, Trustworthiness

Working with an internet marketing company is a sure-fire way to gain online credibility. We have the expertise to help showcase your authority and trustworthiness in your community. For a more in depth look at your overall digital marketing strategy, call us today!

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Lynne Motkoski, Digital Marketing Strategist
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