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How To Choose Keywords For Local Seo

How to Choose Keywords for Local SEO

The right keywords increase your local search rankings and make it easier for nearby consumers to find your business online. Local search engine optimization (SEO) is a branch of SEO that focuses solely on optimizing your website to be found by people in your geographic area. With nearly 50% of Google searches seeking local information, local SEO plays a key role in your overall digital marketing strategy. Smart WSI Marketing is an Edmonton SEO company with expertise in keyword research and implementation that ensures your website is found by the people who need it most. If your business is in need of SEO services, reach out to us. We can help. 

What is Local Keyword Research?

You might say that choosing the right keywords is a guessing game. Fortunately, though, search engine platforms like Google have made it fairly easy to get started by supplying the most popular keywords and phrases people use when they’re searching for goods and services. Determining which ones to use for your business starts with looking at: 

  • The search volume, or how often people perform a search for a word or phrase. 
  • Your website’s content, including specific pages. 
  • Which words and phrases your competitors are using. 

Local keyword research takes it one step further by adding geotargeting so that your content resonates with particular locations. An SEO expert can help you decide which combination of words, phrases, and locations can help you get the best local SEO results. 

How to Research Local Keywords

Google’s Keyword Planner is where most people begin but there are other research tools as well, such as SEMrush. Creative thinking is crucial to picking keywords that move you to the top of ranking results. For example, if you own a bakery in the Edmonton area, you have a lot of competition! When choosing good keywords that meet a buyer’s immediate needs, think about what you specialize in. Are you known for your savoury baked goods? Are you celebrated in your neighborhood for your fabulous pies? Do you only offer vegan goods? Leverage those keywords with others like “free delivery” to really zero in on people most likely to buy. 

Local SEO not only helps you dominate local searches, it also helps you gain entry into what’s known as the Google Snack Pack or 3-Pack. These are the top three maps listings that appear in a boxed area on the first search engine results page (SERP) when a local online search is made. An experienced SEO agency can help you become regarded as a well-known and established local resource that people want to do business with. 

Become a Local Leader with Edmonton SEO Services 

Keeping local keywords in mind when working on your search engine optimization goes a long way in helping you appear higher up in the local search results. Smart WSI Marketing is an Edmonton SEO company that offers a full range of digital marketing services including local SEO research, website design, PPC advertising, paid search, and more. To learn more about all the services we offer, contact us today.

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