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It's Not a Trend: Why You Need Responsive Web Design

Since almost 60% of all searches are done on mobile devices and these devices come in a range of screen sizes, you need responsive web design to provide users a great mobile experience with your local business.

Kiss Your Users Goodbye: The Biggest Website Design Blunders

The Internet is a huge information source and Unfortunately, there are many common website design mistakes that chase off potential customers for your Edmonton business. Smart WSI Marketing can help you make sure that you’re not committing these website sins.

The ONE Mistake You're Making on Mobile - It's a Big One

 We hate to break it to you, but just having a mobile “friendly” website really isn’t good enough. Really, who wants to be “good enough?” You don’t beat your competitors by being “good enough!” 

Stop Promoting Homepage Bounces

Read on to learn some changes that you can make to your website to lower your bounce rate and increase your traffic (and in turn, leads and ultimately conversions!)

Critical Components of a Functional Web Design

For a website to be successful, dozens of components work in synergy to create a site that is appealing, interactive and searchable.

Don't Stress Over Product/Service Page Content

Product and service descriptions are an integral part of your website content and your SEO strategy so they have to be written with care. Since these descriptions are how you will attract potential consumers, they also have to be engaging. The following will help you write killer content designed to attract your target market and generate sales.

What Is A Landing Page?

Two of the most frequent questions we hear are “what is a landing page”, and “why do I need one when I already have a website?” They’re good questions, as the term “landing page” can be confusing. Don’t visitors to your website “land” on different pages already?

Consumers Have Changed. Is Your Website Perfectly Viewable from Every Device?

While smartphone browsing is commonplace today, that doesn’t mean we can just brush off tablets, laptops, or desktop computers either. Thankfully, we have the technology to make sure your website is perfectly viewable across all devices: responsive web design.

5 Tips on How to Keep Your Web Design Fresh & Exciting

Like many other elements of your digital marketing strategy, from time to time, your web design is going to need a refresh to keep your business relevant and to stand out in the cluttered online marketplace.

What Does Your Web Design Look Like on Mobile Screens?

While a great desktop website is still paramount to the online success of your business, how your website design performs on other devices such as smart phones and tablets is not far behind.

5 Signs That Its Time To Invest In A New Web Design For Your Edmonton Business

Investing in a new web design can seem like a waste of time, especially if you have the mindset of “if it isn’t broken, don’t fix it” but it may be more broken than you think.

3 Steps To Finding The Best Web Design Company

Deciding on an Edmonton web design company to craft your business's website is very important. It is about striking a balance between finding a web design and development company that is going to work within your parameters, but also push the envelope of creativity a bit to allow your company to stand out amongst the rest in the crowded web space.

What are the Key Ingredients of a Functional Website Design?

A website is one of the most crucial components of your brand’s online presence. While many elements go into making your website design unique, certain key ingredients are used in all successful web design projects.

Google’s Core Web Vitals Update is Here! Are You Ready?

It’s no secret that the wheels are constantly turning at Google. Their algorithms and criteria for how to rank your website change on a nearly daily basis.

Top 10 Things to Know About Website Security

When customers visit your business website, they want to know they’re going to have an enjoyable experience that lingers long after they’ve visited. You want to make sure, then, that your website is a joy for both first-time visitors and long-time customers.

5 Steps to Creating a Powerful “About Us” Page for Your eCommerce Store

Over 90% of organizations worldwide invest in content marketing, but few use it as efficiently as they could. One valuable website design element many business owners overlook is their “About Us” page.

Should Your Brand Drive Your Website Design or Vice Versa?

Professional website design sets your business up for success, building brand awareness and acting as a magnet for new leads and customers. Your web design should match your brand identity and vice versa.

Why You Can Still Benefit from an eCommerce Website if You Have a Local Retail Shop

Many local retailers don’t have eCommerce on their websites. They may think since their physical business is doing so well they don’t need to sell products online. But there are a lot of good reasons to invest in website design that incorporates eCommerce options for your customers.