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Critical Components Of A Functional Web Design

Originally posted on December 1, 2015; Updated on March 11, 2022

These days it would seem that anyone who can type on a keyboard can build a website and open for business but that couldn't be further from the truth. Without web design & development experience, your Edmonton business website will be lost among the nearly two billion sites listed on the web. For a website to be successful, dozens of components work in synergy to create a site that is appealing, interactive and searchable. Call Smart WSI Marketing today for a consultation!

Creating Appeal

You only get one chance to make a great first impression and considering the competition you face on the web; this section is critical to your success. If any one of these items falls short, you risk losing potential customers. They’ll leave your site and go to another that is easier on the eyes and easier to navigate. 

  • Site Structure and Navigation: The individual sections of your site, the order of your pages and the collection of links that lead users to each. A navigation menu is generally used to guide your readers.
  • Page Design and Layout: Dictates how information and media will appear on your pages as well as scalability for mobile devices. A good layout draws the eye and allows information to be found easily.
  • Logo and Brand Identity: The graphic, colours, fonts, and other style elements that represent your business and remain constant throughout all of your communications.
  • Images and Videos: All pictures, videos, animations, and graphics used to liven up your site with care not to overwhelm.
  • Content: Formatted for easy scanning, optimized for eyes and search engines, and broken down into easily digestible keyword-rich sections.
  • Graphic Design: While this involves the logo and other design elements, it also includes the overall look and feel of your site and the proper integration and saturation of design components.

Favourite Features

These elements have to be created within your site to engage your potential customers and create interest in your product or service. You need to give your potential customers value in visiting your website - a reason to be there. These features are the things that will keep your visitors coming back for more.

  • Blog: Establish your business as an authority in your industry through engaging content that helps your website rank in Google’s search engine results pages.
  • Simple Site Navigation: Keep site navigation clean and uncluttered through interlinking pages, site search, and expert menus.
  • Product Catalog: Product catalog with visuals, descriptions, pricing to set consumer expectations before needing to visit your location or speak to someone for assistance.
  • Links: Links to social media pages and feeds to show your community in action.
  • Interactive elements: elements like sliders, infographics, videos and more. These are also great for capturing peoples’ attention for longer periods and keeping time on site higher.

Becoming Searchable

Nailing all of the components we've talked about so far won't matter if your site cannot be found by search engines. There are many elements to incorporate in your web design for search engine optimization. Paying attention to these things will make it much easier for your potential customers to find you online.

  • Web Host: A paid server that stores your site's files and transmits them to users when they search for your site.
  • Domain Name: Your website's address on the internet.
  • Content Management System: Allows the content on your website to be updated frequently, keeping it fresh and relevant.
  • Search Engine Optimization and Online Promotion: Determines how and where search engines will display your website and attracts visitors to your site.
  • Partner with an Agency: make the most of your marketing budget and bring meaningful results that improve your bottom line.

Don’t Go It Alone

While just about anyone can create a website today, it doesn’t mean anyone should, or that the website you can create will be an effective marketing tool to nurture leads and drive sales. This is where working with a digital marketing agency with experience with web design and development, like Smart WSI Marketing, is your best bet. They have the knowledge and expertise needed to turn your website from some words on a screen to a well-oiled marketing machine. Get in touch with us today to build a customized digital marketing strategy to reach your business goals.

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