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How Often Do You Really Need to Build a New Website?

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Conventional wisdom says a website should be redesigned at least every three years. But like all things related to digital marketing, that figure changes according to your specific circumstances. Some sites remain relevant and perform well for a little longer. Others might need to be refreshed more frequently as business goals or market demands change. An experienced, award winning Edmonton website design company like Smart WSI Marketing can help determine if your website is performing the way it should or whether it’s time for an overhaul. Contact us to learn more.

Web Design Makeover to Address Problems 

There are times a website’s problem is technical, like when a site is loading too slowly. More often than not, bigger problems like a decline in business or a drop in visibility are the reasons to look into revamping your website design. If your site isn’t driving leads, if your eCommerce efforts aren’t paying off, or if you just can’t get your business seen online, it’s probably time to rebuild. 

Is Your Website Design in Sync with Your Goals? 

A modern online presence relies on following industry best practices, which seem to change as frequently as the weather. A good way to determine if your website is performing as it should is to look at the metrics. Google Analytics makes it easy to track things like website traffic, bounce rates, traffic sources, conversion rates, and more. A web design strategy that worked yesterday may not be a great strategy moving forward. In this case, change is definitely good. 

You Need More Support 

If you don’t have a working relationship with your provider or simply require more support, you can benefit from partnering with a website design agency that helps you redesign your site and offers advice on how to provide more value to visitors, accommodate mobile users, and change your outdated web design to one that engages, educates, and entertains customers. 

Do you have new business objectives or digital strategies you want to achieve? An experienced digital marketing agency can help you evaluate your objectives, assess your technology needs, and advise on what’s achievable within your budget. 

Choose the Right Agency for Website Design 

Many clients ask us if a web design overhaul means having to start from scratch. Fortunately, you can reuse information and content from your existing site while refreshing and redesigning a new one. The common goal is to design a site that focuses on helping customers and potential leads find what they need to solve their problems.  

Don’t let a dated website keep you from reaching the people who could benefit the most from what you offer. Smart WSI Marketing is an Edmonton website design company with the experience and expertise your business needs to design a website that looks great and performs the way you need it to. We also offer a free website audit so you can see which changes would help your existing website accomplish your goals. Contact us today to learn more.

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