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What Does Your Web Design Look Like on Mobile Screens?

What Does Your Web Design Look Like on Mobile Screens?

Think about the last time something popped into your head and you went to search for it online. Did you rush to a laptop or desktop computer? Probably not now that everyone has a computer in their pocket. You likely pulled out your mobile phone to search, as one does.

While a great desktop website is still paramount to the online success of your business, how your website design performs on other devices such as smart phones and tablets is not far behind. Working with a digital marketing agency specializing in responsive web design, like Smart WSI Marketing, will make sure that your website looks great and works the way it is supposed to, no matter what kind of device your customers are using. Get in touch with us today for a free digital marketing check up!

Mobile UX Matters!

Nearly everyone is searching for something on a mobile phone or tablet at some point, and a poor user experience can cost you customers. The following mobile issues will lead to a bad user experience:

  • Your website loads very slowly.
  • It looks distorted on the user’s device.
  • Interactive elements on the site are too small or close together to be useful.
  • Users can’t find relevant information easily and must scroll excessively to find it.

You may think that if you’ve got a website that looks great on desktop, why should it matter? At least you have a website that will load on mobile, right? It definitely matters. Unfortunately, as technology like having a full-blown computer in our pocket is more and more readily available to us, our attention spans are shorter and shorter. If your website is riddled with problems when it comes to mobile display, your potential customers are going to move on to your competitors.

Test Your Views

For your website to reach its full potential it needs to be able to bend, flex, and morph to fit all screen sizes and devices. One of the wonderful things about working with an Edmonton digital marketing agency is that we carry out the testing for you, making sure that your website behaves the way it should across all devices before it goes live. Test are carried out to make sure images are the right proportions, fonts appear the way they should, interactive elements work, and that content shows up in the right areas of the screen, no matter what screen it is.

Trust the Experts

Your website can be absolutely perfect on a desktop computer, but if you don’t have a responsive web design that translates across all devices, you’re essentially shooting your business in the foot. As a business owner, you have enough things to worry about, like actually running your business! Trust your website design to a skilled internet marketing company, like ours, and make sure you aren’t leaving your mobile-preferred customers behind! Call us today for a consultation!

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