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The ONE Mistake You're Making on Mobile - It's a Big One!

Originally posted on March 15, 2016; Updated on April 29, 2022

The ONE Mistake You're Making on Mobile - It's a Big One

So, we have finally beaten it into your head that you must have a mobile friendly website, and we’ll take that as a small victory! We hate to break it to you, but just having a mobile “friendly” website really isn’t good enough. Really, who wants to be “good enough?” You don’t beat your competitors by being “good enough!” The biggest mistake you can make on your mobile website (next to not having one, of course!) is neglecting to optimize it for user experience. Smart WSI Marketing is a local digital marketing agency with experience in web design, who won’t let you make that mistake again! Call us today to learn more.

Clear Navigation

When optimizing for mobile, it’s important to keep in mind that users are scrolling with most likely their thumbs, and don’t have a mouse and cursor to navigate with. Your navigation needs to be organized in a way that makes sense for touch screens, with touch targets that are big enough for thumbs.

You’d be surprised how many conversions are missed on mobile because customers can’t find call-to-actions and the buttons necessary to make those conversions. Make it easier for your customers with shortcuts!

Find the Right Font Size

When it comes to mobile design, font size is a big deal. You need to strike a balance between a font that is not too small or too big. Fonts that are too small are hard to read, and of course no one is going to stick around on a website they can not read. Fonts that are too big waste space on a smaller screen and take away from the design.

Uncluttered Designs

Along with easy navigation and an appropriate font size, your design can make or break your mobile users’ experience. Mobile devices already get a bad rap for being hard on the eyes, don’t let a lousy web design add to that. To ensure that your mobile web design is easy on the eyes, keep these points in mind:

  • White space is your friend!
  • Make sure your content is skimmable.
  • Divide content with headings, not actual dividers.

Keep Site Speed in Mind

In mobile scrolling culture, everything is meant to be seamless, and if it’s not, your potential customers will simply move on to someone else. Make sure that this doesn’t happen to you by ensuring your mobile site loads as quickly as possible! Today, people aren’t willing to wait more than 3 seconds for a website to load. Doesn’t that sound ridiculous when we say that out loud? It’s true nonetheless! A few things you can do to make sure your site is bogged down and loads quicker are to make sure your image sizes aren’t larger than they need to be, and to minify CSS & JavaScript where possible. Basically, the fewer connections to server necessary, the faster the site will load.

Mobile Should be Top of Mind!

Nearly 65% of organic searches are conducted on mobile devices these days. If your website is not optimized for mobile and mobile user experience, you’re definitely missing out. Not only are you missing out from a customer standpoint, but a subpar mobile website is actually hurting your desktop site. Google now practices mobile first indexing. This means that it gets it’s first impression of your website (and your business) from your mobile website. So let us help you put your best foot forward! Call Smart WSI Marketing today to learn more.

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