Customer Reviews


Colin A.

So far, switching to WSI has been a game-changer for my peace of mind. My previous agency was a constant source of frustration—they were unresponsive, slow, and lacked strategic insight tailored to my needs. However, from the moment I contacted WSI, I knew I was in capable hands.

First off, they actually answered the phone, a simple yet crucial detail that immediately set them apart. Not only did they listen attentively to my concerns, but they also validated my decision to look elsewhere for better service.

Within a week, WSI had all the details of my campaign ironed out and completed setup. Throughout the process, we had multiple insightful strategy calls where they did the heavy lifting and provided expert advice in a world that is their bread and butter, not mine.

I owe a big thank you to my friend who referred me to WSI's exceptional service. They are everything they claim to be and more. I'm excited to see the results of our first campaign and look forward to a long-term partnership focused on achieving my business goals. — Edmonton, AB

Stan O.

I appreciate your work and the consideration for pricing as a long time customer. Your work is appreciated and my business would not survive without your knowledge and expertise regarding my web presence. Please say hello to Lynne and Dave and all the staff for me. — Spring Lake, AB

Haider H.

When I first started working with WSI, Alyssa was my primary point of contact. Her expertise and dedication played a pivotal role in enhancing our online visibility and customer acquisition. Recently, my account was transitioned to Kiran, and I must admit, I was initially apprehensive about this change. However, she quickly dispelled any concerns with her remarkable professionalism and deep understanding of digital marketing.

The transition was smooth and efficient, which speaks volumes about the agency's commitment to client satisfaction and continuity in service quality. I am extremely satisfied with the results we've achieved and the partnership we've built with the agency. Working with Kiran has been a delight, and I trust her capable hands to steer our digital marketing efforts in the right direction. — Calgary, AB

Chris B.

I want to thank you and your team for the impressive work and for your patience with my preferences for the copy. The writing was excellent! — Edmonton, AB

David A.

Business is going strong. We are seeing an increase in sales inquiries. — Winnipeg, MB

Jason C.

I have recently started a brand new business and was overwhelmed trying to sort out our SEO and marketing. I talked to Lynne on the phone and she took the time to give me some advice on how to fix some things myself and to carry on doing what I am doing. When the business has grown enough to have a marketing budget. I will be spending my money with Lynne and her team! — Edmonton, AB

Dawson I.

This is the first weekend the ads went live and so far the results seem extremely promising! wanted to Thank you guys for the hard work on the account and look forward to a successful winter season with you guys and your team! We'll continue to monitor it closely and continue to keep our foot on the gas but the early results are good to see! — Lloydminster, AB

Varinder S.

Thank you for being so supportive from day 1. — Edmonton, AB

Craig A.

The blogs are looking good. Nicely formatted and great information! — Edmonton, AB

Spruce Grove Fish & Game Association

Smart Wsi Marketing always gave us first class treatment and were able to handle our requests in a very timely fashion. — Spruce Grove, AB

MI Safety Inc

The WSI team does a great job for us, and have been important in helping us market. — Edmonton, AB

Mark F.

We love you guys to bits! And appreciate everything you have done for us. — Spruce Grove, AB

Darla C.

Great company! I communicate regularly with WSI and always get a timely response and even faster if we have a website issue. I would be confident in recommending their services to friends and fam. — Edmonton, AB

Curtis C.

We have been using WSI to help market our business online and we have been very happy with the results. Great place for any business to start their digital marketing strategy. — St. Albert, AB

Bradley H.

We have been working with WSI for our marketing and web development, and we couldn't be happier!! The entire team is very responsive, knowledgeable, and exceed our expectations on a daily basis. We would highly recommend WSI to any and all of our fellow business owners. — Edmonton, AB

Jeff A.

Honestly WSI Edmonton have been so good that we are $@!#% at our previous internet providers. We spent a lot of money in the last 3 or 4 years and not getting much in return for that money and time. We only launched our campaign about a few weeks ago and we are getting way more results now from WSI than we ever did from the previous provider. They have a great understanding of web marketing and are just awesome to work with. — Edmonton, AB

Jamie A.

WSI Edmonton - Web Design, SEM & SEO has been incredibly thorough in helping to explain how the process works in order to get the best results possible. So far we have been very happy with the results they have achieved. We have also been very happy with their prompt service, we have been with them for only three months now, but have been very pleased with the service. Plan on continuing it. — Edmonton, AB

Stacey H.

WSI provided our company with a completely redesigned and optimized website along with online advertising and a successful PPC Campaign. The entire experience was extremely enjoyable. The WSI staff was well organized, knowledgeable and accommodating. Our website has never looked better and more importantly has never functioned better. We get amazing analytics and feedback from WSI - showcasing exceptional after purchase care. We would be more than happy to recommend their services to anyone interested in Web Design! — Edmonton, AB

Curtis C.

We have been using WSI for four years. At first, their role was strictly managing our par-per-click campaign. This has evolved over time as they have earned our trust through results. We have since had them re-design our entire website, build another from scratch and rely on Lynne and her team for not only online marketing advice but overall brand strategy. I have done a fair amount of research trying to understand online marketing strategies and WSI are experts. I would recommend them to anyone who needs a trusted advisor for this segment of their business. — St. Albert, AB

Amber H.

Smart WSI Marketing is an INCREDIBLE company which I would highly recommend! We have been working with them for a long time - but just recently started collaborating together on our Instagram account. Alyssa and her team have been so patient, knowledgeable, and helpful as we worked through the kinks and figured out the perfect process that would work for us. They ran with all my ideas, requests and specifications and have made this such a smooth process. My job is now so much easier and much more effective due to their expertise. THANK YOU WSI! — Edmonton, AB

Andrew H.

Within a couple weeks of WSI completing my new SEO’d website I’ve noticed a large increase in business. Many clients have sent their compliments on to me and WSI for creating such a smooth, professional site. The staff are great to work with, all of them very knowledgeable about the online field, easy to contact and of a calm relaxed demeanour (which I need as a business owner) Both owners are gregarious, witty and on the ball, their personalities alone sold me on the company, they really do care and want the best for their clients. WSI, you have outperformed my expectations. Thank you. — Edmonton, AB

Stan O.

All the staff at WSI Edmonton worked with me to create a website I'm very pleased with. The WSI team is professional, courteous, friendly, patient and knowledgeable. — Edmonton, AB

Jonelle C.

They are professional, organized, caring and can get the job done. I do enjoy working with them. — Edmonton, AB

Brad W.

You have been awesome to work with and thank you very much for your professionalism and support. — Edmonton, AB

Robb K.

We see tremendous value to date from our PPC campaign with WSI! We see a significant improvement in calls, emails and all inquiries! Absolutely terrific! — Fort Saskatchewan, AB

Shelley C.

We are very pleased with how our new website looks and the verbiage is great. The catalog function is very easy to manage in-house so that we can add and remove listings ourselves as needed. WSI is quick to respond to my requests and very helpful when I have questions. — Edmonton, AB

Cam T.

Excellent ongoing customer support. — Fort Saskatchewan, AB

Viking P.

Great knowledgeable and friendly staff. — Edmonton, AB

Diana K.

WSI in Edmonton created a new website for us that turned out good. We are happy with it, and we hope to stay in touch with them and work together for online marketing. They have a good system in place. They first needed to get content, so they sent a... — Edmonton, AB

Faith G.

You recommend solutions that help us maintain our website easily and fit in with our marketing strategies. — Edmonton, AB

Dean Or Lorraine M.

I recently used WSI Edmonton - Web Design, SEM & SEO Company to have some web design work done as well as some search engine marketing and was very pleased with how well the work from them went. We have done two redesigns of our website through WSI Edmonton and the... — Edmonton, AB

Cameron L.

I had an excellent experience with WSI Edmonton - Web Design, SEM & SEO Company. I use the company to do all of our search engine optimization and web design. I have been with them for about four or five years now, and I think that the staff has always been pretty professional and friendly. I haven't had any trouble communicating with them and I think that the people are easy to work with. They have excellent pricing, so I would definitely recommend them to other people. I hope they keep up the great work. — Calgary, AB

Sandy L.

I've been with WSI Edmonton for over five years, now, and I absolutely love them! I would recommend them to everyone, but especially beginners, because they are really very good at explaining things and meeting you on your level. When I first started using them, they spent hours with me, in person, helping me figure out exactly what I wanted for my webpage. They're incredibly accommodating-- really, they bend over backward to be helpful, and they make it so easy! They make adjustments and updates immediately, and they offer suggestions and advice for the pages in an active, engaged way that I really appreciate. They even have reasonable pricing! 5/5! — Edmonton, AB

Karen K.

Very happy with the amazing service that we received. We were very demanding and required a lot of help and attention. Alyssa was very professional, patient, and super quick on service. Very much appreciated!!! Highly recommended. — Edmonton, AB

Sharla E.

I would highly recommend WSI for their website building and support services. They worked together with us to create an amazing new website and supported our vision and our budget all the way through the whole process. Alyssa Doberstein was our point person and she went way beyond the call of duty, gave great suggestions, and never once complained about our many change requests. Thanks Alyssa for your patience, your guidance, expertise, and support through this very new process to us. We are so pleased with the results and look forward to continued collaboration in years to come. — Edmonton, AB

Mike C.

WSI Edmonton is the webmaster for our mortgage brokerage and they've re-designed our website and looked after all of our lead generation and social media activity. Ever since we've switched to WSI, we've noticed amazing differences in our web activity compared to the previous company that we had who was doing the exact same thing for us. When they came to talk with us about redoing our site, they knew exactly what we needed and understood what our requirements were. The best part was that they were able to pinpoint the areas that the other company had messed up on and then showed us quickly how we could improve, which is what sold us on them. If you own a business and want to boost your company likeness, definitely give WSI Edmonton the opportunity to help you out because they did wonders for our website and our mortgage firm. — Edmonton, AB

Jamie A.

WSI Edmonton - Web Design, SEM & SEO has been incredibly thorough in helping to explain how the process works in order to get the best results possible. So far we have been very happy with the results they have achieved. We have also been very happy with their prompt service, we have been with them for only three months now, but have been very pleased with the service. Plan on continuing it. — Edmonton, AB

Curtis B.

Great experience so far. Looking forward to the next steps. — Edmonton, AB

Kristy M.

WSI has been a pleasure to deal with since first contact. They are very knowledgeable in what they do and anticipate my needs before I can even verbalize them. Our company is very happy with their services and value! — Edmonton, AB