Our proven local Edmonton marketing company process

As a local marketing company, we work with many local small and medium business owners and marketing managers in the Edmonton area. We help your local business grow using the proven 6-step WSI Lifecycle ™ to continuously improve your digital marketing efforts to achieve optimal results.


The Discovery phase is where our marketing company researches your local business. We scour the Internet and determine your online presence and what we think your local business is about. Then we talk to you to see how you want your business to be perceived. This allows us to understand your marketing goals, define your target audience, and determine any digital opportunities we can offer you.

2Initial Business Assessment

During an Initial Business Assessment (IBA), our marketing company will assess the quality of your current digital presence as well as how to address the needs of your consumers. We analyze your campaigns to figure out what you’re doing right and what needs to be improved. We then compare to what your competitors are doing in order to determine where your efforts should go.


Once our marketing company has worked with you to develop a custom marketing strategy to achieve your marketing goals within your budget, we build out the strategy. We’ll determine who needs to do what by when and kick the project into high-gear. We complete each component of the marketing strategy and review with you to ensure that you are comfortable with how your brand is portrayed.


Now that you have reviewed and approved our marketing company’s strategy, we’ll put everything we’ve built into its final place (whether it be on your website, blog, paid ad campaign, or behind the scenes somewhere). Implementing a customized marketing strategy that targets your individual consumers will help your local business stand out in the crowded online marketplace.


After your marketing strategy is implemented, we we'll do live tests to ensure everything is working properly. We measure the effectiveness of your marketing efforts through available analytics. Measuring shows you if you’re getting the most value for your advertising dollars. Our marketing company will do the measurements via ongoing campaign monitoring and monthly reporting.

6Manage Results

Now that the numbers are in, we’ll need to decide what the numbers are telling us to do. We analyze the data and suggest changes to your strategy at the end of each marketing period. This is to ensure that you achieve the best return on your investment (ROI). Our goal is to make campaigns more efficient by removing what isn’t working and expanding on the things that are driving results.

And Repeat... Our marketing company’s proven process is repeated as needed to address any changes to your marketing goals and industry best-practices to maximize your return on investment.

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