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Duda is a drag-and-drop website builder designed for small businesses. Unlike other WYSIWYG website editors, Duda is an agency platform that emphasizes the importance of marketing. As such the platform is built with fast site speeds, built-in SSL security, and excellent on-page SEO features to set organizations up for success online.


Why Duda for eCommerce Websites

Duda has been a very valuable partner for us to support our clients and help them scale their business with added revenue from online sales.

  • Faster time to launch With the easy-to-use website builder features and pre-built widgets, development time is cut way back for small custom websites.
  • Ready for marketing This can be very beneficial to meet deadlines for marketing initiatives.
  • Lower price point Though not as flexible as Oncord or BigCommerce in terms of function and design, its lower price point makes it a great fit for businesses that are just getting started with their online presence or who need quick marketing landing pages to support their online lead generation efforts.
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