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Display Retargeting
963.Stay Engaged with Your Target Audience

Sometimes your potential customers find you online but don’tbuy on their initial visit. Retargeting reminds people of your product or service after they have left your website regardless of whether they made a purchase. Your ads continue to be shown to those who have previously visited your website when they visit other places on the web. This works with apps, search, and website banner ads.

What We Offer

Display Retargeting
Keep your brand front and centre with display retargeting


Starting at $725 + GST

Retargeting keeps your brand front and centre, bringing indecisive shoppers back to buy from you when they’re ready. Each time your retargeted ads are seen by that customer, your brand picks up recognition and more traction with that user. The repeated brand exposure that comes with retargeting typically increases both click-through and conversion rates.

The other benefits of display retargeting with Smart WSI Marketing are:

  • Customized image ads
  • Keeping your brand top of mind
  • Converting prospects who did not purchase on their initial visit into customers

Our Edmonton digital marketing agency creates custom relevant ads to show to customers who already have your business on their radar but perhaps haven’t made a purchase yet.

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Custom Display Retargeting Image Ads

Custom Image Ads

We custom design your ads to support your brand and marketing messaging. Your ads are tailored to showcase your brand with custom images and on-brand colours, voice, and tone.

Convert Window Shoppers with Display Retargeting

“Window Shoppers” Become Customers

Though people may not make a purchasing decision on their first visit, reminding them of your brand through retargeting can help bring them back to buy.

Monthly display retargeting reports

Monthly Reporting

Your retargeted ad campaigns are frequently monitored to maximize their value. We make edits and updates on an as needed basis to make the most of your budget.

Why Retargeting Matters

While it would be great if customers would make a purchase on the first visit to your website, there are many reasons why they may not. Retargeting encourages proverbial window shoppers and tire kickers to return to your site and buy the product they left behind while they scroll through social media, visit another website, or even check out your competitors.


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