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Modern digital marketing requires a deeper understanding of your industry, your customers, and their expectations when engaging with a business like yours. Instead of taking a formulistic approach, you must determine the right channels to engage with your current and potential customers. Effective digital marketing plays a critical role in the success of any barber shop or salon, but the real challenge is knowing where to start. 

At Smart WSI Marketing, we have extensive experience marketing for salons and barber shops and will walk you through what it takes to make the most out of digital marketing strategies. Our goal is to help you build awareness, inform customers, acquire more leads, and turn them into conversions for your business.

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Industry-Focused Digital Marketing for Salons and Barber Shops

At Smart WSI Marketing, we know the ins and outs of salon and barber shop digital marketing. Our digital marketing approach begins with setting up a professional, mobile-friendly website and creating quality content for your website and social media channels such as Facebook and Instagram posts. We'll ensure your content grabs the attention of those in need of a hairdo and distinguish your business from the other spas across town.

We'll optimize your website, Google My Business profile and Facebook page to drum up more buzz for your salon or barbershop. With our extensive experience marketing salons and barber shops, we have discovered some common digital marketing challenges that you face, including:

  • Finding new clients
  • Standing out in a competitive online marketplace
  • Creating messaging compliant with your professional standards
  • Creating effective advertising compliant with your professional standards
  • Meeting clients' or patients' expectations

Making Your Website a Profit Center

A functional website is necessary for the expansion of any business these days, including salons and barber shops. But to stand out from your competition and get noticed in the crowded marketplace, you should make your website the core of all your marketing campaigns. And since most people seeking salon and barber shop services usually search on fairly short notice, it's crucial to have an online presence when and where your prospective clients are searching.  Effective digital marketing strategies for salons and barber shops services focus on:

  • Providing details about the services you offer
  • Highlighting what sets you apart from your competition,
  • Showcasing your compliance with your profession's practice standards
  • Sharing online reviews

Boost the Online Presence of Your Salon Or Barber Shop

Digital marketing for salons and barber shops means focusing on your website and social media accounts. Incorporate paid, local advertising in your marketing efforts and encourage online reviews from happy clients to get everyone in your community excited about your services. Smart WSI Marketing is an effective marketing agency focused specifically on small businesses such as beauty salons and barber shops. We know your industry's specific ins and outs and can provide focused service with competitive pricing other agencies can't offer. Contact us today to schedule your consultation!

We Have Heard It All Before!

In our many years of experience successfully marketing for salons and barber shops, we have heard every issue that businesses like yours come across with marketing. Some of the most common paint points we routinely address include:

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Our Website Doesn't Work As Intended

If you have a street-facing display window for your salon or barber shop, you'll probably display some examples of hair care products, vivid pictures of popular hairstyles, and other things that grab the attention of passers-by. Similarly, your website is your digital storefront that describes your services. You should consistently post engaging content and videos to encourage site traffic to interact with your business.

Your website is also a perfect place to improve your SEO efforts and improve organic traffic to your business. Take advantage of local Google search traffic to allow people who search for spas or hairdressers in your area to easily reach you and come over to your shop.

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Our Website Doesn't Appear on Page One of Google

Getting ranked on the first page of Google or other search engines takes a lot of work. However, we can employ a few strategies to help you move up in the rankings. Since small businesses like salons and barber shops have a lot to gain from local advertising, search engine optimization can encourage nearby customers to find your business.

You can improve your website ranking by using local keywords, such as your city or region, in your website content, Meta Description, and Meta Tags. You can also set up local-targeted ads on Google search, Facebook, Instagram, and other platforms. The advertisements will show up to nearby customers, encouraging them to physically visit your location. The good news is that locally focused SEO targets the people most likely to engage with your business.


Our Website Doesn't Generate Significant Leads

We know firsthand that salons and barber shops cannot flourish on repeat business alone. You must continuously generate new leads to gain new clients and grow your business! Whether you're using Instagram ads or Facebook ads, social media advertising is a great and cost-efficient way to unlock a world of possibilities. 

Social media ads are also location-specific and often demographic-focused, maximizing your chance of reaching the audience most interested in a makeover or haircut. You can also combine your ads with discounts and flash sales to maximize your chances of success.


Our Prospects Don't Know About Us

All digital marketing efforts are often geared towards raising brand awareness. Every time a visitor ends up on your website or social media page, they interact with your company logo, brand name, company slogan, etc. In the process, they are exposed to your brand and learn more about your business. If your aim is to build local brand awareness, consider advertising tactics such as Facebook/Instagram Ads, retargeting, and geofencing to help potential clients and patients find you easily.


Our Happy Clients Don't Leave Reviews

You'll be surprised how many satisfied clients are usually quite open to sharing their positive experiences in online reviews. However, you'll need to remind them to do so. Proactively ask for reviews from your happy customers to help improve your business ratings and earn more customers. Fortunately, there are tools available to make asking for reviews easier, such as automation platforms and review services. Just make sure you respond to all reviews, whether they are positive or negative, to establish trust and professionalism.

Overwhelmed? We get it.

Digital marketing is complex. Doing it successfully requires expertise. We are here to help you on your journey to revenue growth! If you have questions, we have answers.